Six Benefits of a Clinical End-to-End Workflow Solution

Six Benefits of a Clinical End-to-End Workflow Solution

Healthcare IT (HIT) is evolving beyond purchasing software or a system to solve a single problem to building a clinical IT ecosystem that answers today’s challenges and lays the foundation for the needs of tomorrow to be addressed quickly and cost-effectively. Enabling value-based patient care, connecting all medical “ologies,” and sharing data and images across the health system as well as with referring physicians and the patients themselves are just a few of the demands HIT solutions must address.

As a result, many HIT vendors are collaborating to create innovative solutions that bring together best-in-class HIT products and services. One such example is a Clinical End-to-End Workflow Solution. Here’s six ways this recently introduced solution from IDS and Mach7 Technologies can benefit you and your patients.

  1. Get real-time visibility into your operations. With real-time analytics, you can make informed decisions based on performance data, resource utilization and referral trends.
  2. Decrease the space needed for IT equipment and save money. No additional space is required as no servers are housed on-site. In addition, no special software is needed so you save money, too.
  3. Optimize security and ease of deployment. The solution is hosted in a coast-to-coast private Cloud, making it easy-to-deploy, fast, flexible and fault-tolerant.
  4. Connect all “ologies” through the EMR. With a complete end-to-end enterprise imaging workflow, patient scheduling, multiple “ology” workflows, image and document management, and complete data interoperability are all integrated into your EMR.
  5. Increase efficiency in radiology workflow. With a complete 100% diagnostic, Web-based enterprise RIS/PACS/Advanced Reporting Solution, you can improve the flexibility and performance of radiology workflow.
  6. Improve clinical care and decrease costs. With the goal of connecting clinical care teams, the Mach7 Enterprise Platform is a true vendor neutral archive (VNA) and includes à-la-carte modules enabling you the flexibility to add modules when you and your providers need them – today or in the future. In addition, this next-generation platform is designed to evolve, enabling the addition of new features to advance connected health, artificial intelligence, etc.

IDS and Mach7 collaborated to create an End-to-End Workflow Solution inclusive of enterprise content management (ECM). The solution is being demonstrated at RSNA, booth #7530, Nov. 25-30 in Chicago. Click here for more information or to schedule a demo.

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