Workflow Orchestration

The Benefits of Modern Workflow Orchestration in Healthcare

Workflow orchestration is a big deal. Your workflow is the circulatory system that keeps your enterprise alive, so shouldn’t it be as efficient as possible? Beyond cost savings, there are many benefits to adopting a modern, efficient worklist to optimize your workflow strategy:

  • Automated Reading Assignment: Rather than assigning exams based purely on clinician availability, assign exams based on multiple factors including clinical expertise, balancing clinician workflows, clinician availability, and more.
  • Relevant Priors and Hanging Protocols: Fetching relevant priors and manipulating hanging windows are two of the most frustrating workflow-impacting pain points among radiologists. With Mach7 Universal Worklist, these two pain points are eliminated through the use of machine learning and interoperability techniques to fetch relevant priors and ensure hanging protocols are both configurable from radiologist to radiologist and work consistently every time.
  • Designed for the End User: Designed with radiologist input, a clean user interface, customized worklists, notifications, consistent hanging protocols, and configurable smart viewer selection are just some of the elements that have been built into Universal Worklist with the intent of driving radiologist efficiency.

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