Welcome to our Newest Customer, Colorado Imaging Associates

Mach7 is excited to announce the addition of our newest customer, Colorado Imaging Associates (CIA)! CIA is a radiology services company based in Golden, Colorado. CIA contracts with hospitals and imaging centers around Colorado to provide radiology image reading, often after hours or on holidays.

CIA was primarily looking for a way to automate the routing of images to their reading groups across the state. When looking for a solution, there were a couple of key needs they were looking to provide for:

  1. Easy-to-set-up and flexible routing rules
  2. Filtering data so only what is relevant is sent to the receiving system

The Mach7 Platform will provide the user interface to easily set up routing rules. Because CIA often reads on holidays, they needed a system that would have the flexibility to set up a routing rule for a specific day that could then be switched off afterwards. Take the upcoming Labor Day holiday, for example. With the Mach7 Platform, CIA would be able to easily create a routing rule to route images on that specific day and then disable it the following day.

In addition, not all data that goes through the Mach7 Platform would need to be routed to the receiving system. Hospitals and imaging centers don’t want the extra data in their PACS or other archives to create clutter and increase the probability of mistakes or confusion. The Mach7 Platform will enable CIA to filter out the unnecessary data and send only the relevant information to their reading groups.

Overall, implementing the Mach7 Platform will reduce the amount of human intervention in CIA’s workflows, reducing the risk of errors and increasing efficiency. It also provides a future path for CIA to expand their use of the system from routing to a deconstructed PACS model, allowing them to free themselves from their legacy PACS, save money and exert more control over their data.

Mike Lampron, CEO of Mach7, said, “We are excited to welcome Colorado Imaging Associates to the Mach7 family and look forward to working with their team to solve their workflow issues. The Mach7 Platform will address their workflow needs of today but more importantly we will provide a path for the workflow of tomorrow. With ever-growing practices like CIA we believe this flexibility becomes a necessity in order to compete and provide top-notch patient engagement.”

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