Teleradiology – Advancing Patient Care During COVID-19 and Beyond

A Thought Leadership Article

Adaptive Enterprise Imaging During COVID-19 Pandemic

As of this writing, COVID-19 has surpassed a million lives lost globally, has shaken our economy to its core, and changed how we live our lives (social distancing, wearing masks, and the elimination of large gatherings). Virtually every industry has been challenged by this pandemic and radiology is no different. Patient elective procedures were all but eliminated. Emergency Department (ED) visits dropped since most people were adhering to stay at home orders. Recognizing the challenges traditional radiology presents, workflows had to be reinvented and patient care had to be reimagined. Imaging continues to be a critical tool for diagnosing patients exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms (general x-ray, CT, and Ultrasound), creating high demand for these imaging procedures.

Teleradiology Reinvented

At Mach7, we believe that healthcare institutions deserve and should demand that their imaging solution providers support their enterprise imaging needs across service lines, geographic locations and, IT system platforms. This is true in support of their teleradiology requirements and overall enterprise health initiatives.

With the recent acquisition of the eUnity Diagnostic Viewer, Mach7 Technologies is uniquely positioned in the market to meet these challenges, with the added benefit of providing unmatched flexibility and independence for the healthcare provider in both deployment and purchase options. Understanding your workflow, expansion plans, radiologist and IT requirements requires a consultative approach to craft a solution that meets your needs without creating custom solutions that are impossible to support. Mach7 Technologies’ Enterprise Imaging Solution provides a unique approach in today’s crowded imaging landscape that challenges the norm. We are here to help you on your journey to take back control from proprietary solutions that offer limited flexibility and are unable to adapt as your needs change.

Growth in telehealth – including teleradiology – is expected to increase substantially at a global pace over the next five years and new solutions are needed to meet the future demands of virtual care. In this article, we explore the unique and complicated challenges faced by providers in assessing and diagnosing cases in remote settings and how modern technology solutions offer a mix of performance, flexibility, speed and functionality in delivering these services.

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