Colorado Imaging Associates Announces Go-Live on Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Platform

We are excited to announce that Colorado Imaging Associates has reached go-live status with the Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Platform! Colorado Imaging Associates (CIA), which joined the Mach7 family in August 2019, is a radiology services company based in Golden, Colorado. CIA provides professional radiology services to hospitals, medical centers, outpatient imaging centers and specialty practices throughout Colorado and Wyoming.

CIA is currently archiving imaging data from eleven of their sites into the Mach7 archive and plans to migrate imaging data from all the sites into the Mach7 platform. Behind the scenes, CIA is making use of Mach7 synchronized storage to manage the replication of data to a second location.  When combined with a network load balancer this provides complete system redundancy and failover. In addition, the Mach7 solution is receiving and archiving results from CIA’s interface engine; these reports are stored with their DICOM study in the Mach7 system.  CIA is leveraging a Mach7 feature called Segmentation that allows each sites information to be virtually and physically segmented and unique access controls to be applied to each segment. 

In the future, CIA plans to implement the IHE profile, Imaging Object Change Management (IOCM), between the PACS and the VNA to keep the DICOM data synchronized.  This will allow them to remove the manual step of deleting studies in the Mach7 solution after deleting them in PACS.

Most PACS assume a level of normalization for incoming data, however in a teleradiology situation, sending sites often have varying levels of technology that may not universally support data normalization. Because of this, the ability to simply and graphically manipulate and update data provides important data quality and integrity functionality. In the future, the Mach7 solution will enable automated HL7 Order generation for sites that do not provide HL7 orders for studies; currently, this is automated from the PACS.  When a study is received by Mach7 without an accompanying order, the Mach7 platform will automatically generate one from the study data. It will then send the order to the interface engine and the study to the PACS. Mach7’s ability to normalize and easily set up workflows through our intuitive and visual web interface allows our teleradiology customers to control their unique workflow from a single location.

Mike Lampron, CEO of Mach7, said, “Teleradiology and remote reading services are even more critical in light of the global health challenges we’re facing today. We’re excited to bring Colorado Imaging Associates into the Mach7 family and know we will serve their needs now and provide them the flexibility required for the future state of radiology once the global COVID-19 crisis has subsided. We are committed to providing the highest quality service and support for our customers and look forward to our continued partnership with Colorado Imaging Associates.”

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In the face of the global threat posed by COVID-19, teleradiology services and remote reading are more critical to maintaining community health than they have ever been. If you need a way to provide this essential service to your community, we can help. Contact us today to learn how we can help you keep your patients and staff safe and healthy