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eUnity is the market’s leading zero-footprint viewing and vendor independent integration platform. It gives clinicians fast, uninterrupted access to diagnostic images from disparate or propriety systems. Its rich feature set meets the image visualization needs of both clinicians and radiologists, without the need for dedicated workstations.

Unify and standardize visualization for clinicians across the enterprise

Deliver complete imaging histories via the EMR, no matter where images are stored

Give radiologists access to diagnostic tools on any browser or device

Reduce technical complexity, resources, and costs

eUnity delivers clinical and technical value

eUnity Enterprise Viewer

Designed for care providers, eUnity transforms the experience of accessing and viewing imaging. Easy. Powerful. Integrated. Clinicians across the enterprise gain unprecedented access to images and multi-media content so they can quickly develop accurate and comprehensive care plans.

  • Zero-footprint diagnostic-quality clinical viewer
  • Utilized by referring physicians, clinicians and general users
  • Integrates data from any source
  • Completes EMR with a full imaging history
  • Toolset to support clinical subspecialities

eUnity Diagnostic Viewer

eUnity gives radiologists new flexibility and freedom – the ability to read from anywhere, with the same performance of their PACS viewing environment. Quickly scale up teleradiology support to allow your radiologists to work remotely or launch new commercial reading services.

  • Zero-footprint diagnostic viewer
  • Advanced reading features and toolsets
  • Utilized by providers for diagnostic interpretation
  • Supports teleradiology and telehealth services
  • Inherent clinical workflow to support diagnostic confidence
  • Full mammography reading

Simplify Image Access

Meet your organization’s need for clinical image access while simultaneously reducing technical complexity. The Mach7 eUnity Viewer provides an infrastructure and feature set that solves an organization’s immediate imaging-related pain points and provides a path forward as part of an enterprise imaging journey.

  • Consolidates viewing solutions
  • Connects siloed data repositories
  • Improves clinician satisfaction and efficiency
  • Provides a vendor independent viewing platform
  • Displays patient’s complete imaging history
  • Supports diagnostic confidence
  • Robust interoperability to EMRs and external systems


eUnity is one platform to connect, view, and diagnose

Technical features

Vendor-neutral foundation

Minimal hardware requirements

Hybrid streaming approach for unmatched image viewing and navigation performance regardless of study type

Highly scalable virtual environment

Secure image access

HIPAA compliant

LDAP support

eUnity Enterprise Viewer

Zero-footprint diagnostic-quality clinical viewing

EMR image enablement

Universal Viewing of DICOM and non-DICOM media

Mobile device support

Super intuitive admin tools

Support for breast tomosynthesis, echocardiograms, ECG waveforms & more

Image access from all data sources

Fast, reliable performance

Collaborate in real-time

 eUnity Diagnostic Viewer

MIP/MPR and 3D

Advanced hanging protocols

Full support for multiple monitors

Matches your PACS reading environment throughout the enterprise

Fast, reliable performance

Collaborate in real-time

Full mammography reading

See eUnity in action