7 New Features Added to the Mach7 Platform

7 New Features Added to the Mach7 Platform

Version 11.8.4 of the Mach7 Platform has just been released, and it’s the most capable Platform yet! The recently added features emphasize a push for increased efficiency through streamlined workflows, enhanced communications and continued growth in the communication, exchange, sharing and analytics of healthcare data.  Here are highlights of seven new features that have been added to the Mach7 Platform:

1. Personalized Worklists

With extendable capabilities to plug-in a growing list of workload-balancing algorithms to the Mach7 worklist, managing diagnostic reading assignments and seats on a daily basis is simplified. Let the power of your data, the tendencies of your physicians, and the capabilities of the Mach7 Platform deliver personalized worklists to reading physicians that optimize throughput and improve physician satisfaction.

2. Weighted Relevancy

Not all patient procedures are created equal when determining their relevancy to a current procedure. The need for an interpreting physician to click through each patient procedure to determine if there is clinical relevancy can be time consuming and lead to burnout. With the Mach7 Platform, drive reading efficiencies and fewer clicks through clinical data understanding of various terminologies around body parts, procedure and study descriptions in order to more accurately launch and visually identify tiers of relevant procedures.

3. Procedure Folders

Managing lists of procedures to be referred to when teaching, for multidisciplinary team (MDT) workflows, resident workflows, lectures, or simply to tag an interesting case can be simplified through Mach7 Keywords. Users are able to create private and public folders of procedures associated to specified groups of users. With simple mouse clicks, associate procedures to a keyword and recall them through defined worklist and search functions.

4. Instant Messaging

Communication between specialists and technologists is often inefficient. Leveraging clinical notes and procedure status codes to get answers to questions and grab the attention of users is not always the best workflow. With the Mach7 Platform’s new Instant Messaging feature, clinical users can securely communicate with one another within the Platform. Chat conversations can be used to provide clinical context of procedures through shared links that launch users into collaborative sessions. Instant consultation with another provider or clarifying requests to a technologist are both possible.

5. Desktop Interoperability

Swivel chairing between workstations and manually managing clinical context across applications is a hassle.  With more and more applications going to the web with browser-based technologies, managing a consistent layout of applications across multiple monitors has become more challenging.  The Mach7 Platform’s desktop integration manager provides for a single point of control for managing applications on the desktop.  From single sign-on to managing clinical context and monitor layout, it can all be controlled.  The Mach7 Worklist further takes advantage of the desktop integration manager through enabling clinical applications to dynamically load based on the context of the active procedure.  Different reporting solutions, viewers, EHR screens, and clinical applications can be launched with managed context and across any number of monitors.

6. AI Ready

Depending on an organization’s needs, the Mach7 Platform can provide connectors to leading AI algorithms, including for machine learning and assisted diagnosis, from vendors such as EnvoyAI, Zebra Medical Vision, Watson, and Blackford Analysis. In addition to this, the Platform has native analytics focused on streamlining operations through future workload prediction, allowing the user to identify bottlenecks that can affect turnaround times.

7. Advanced Storage

Storage solutions are constantly evolving.  From tiers of storage to replication and cloud offerings, it can be difficult to grow and adopt these capabilities while continuing to leverage previous storage investments.  With the Mach7 Platform, an extensible storage management framework enables organizations to logically organize their data into segments.  Segments provide the ability for clinical IT users to easily manage and organize their data while technical storage IT users are optimizing the underlying storage framework.  Segments may leverage any number of storage technologies including block, CIFS, and cloud technologies.  With data replication functionality managed through the Mach7 Platform, synchronizing data across storage technologies becomes possible.

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Mach7. We push the limits of the latest technology to deliver a platform that scales, enables high availability, and works seamlessly because it has been designed from the ground up as a single solution, not multiple disparate solutions forced to work together. The Platform is all about delivering the freedom and flexibility to implement the enterprise imaging strategies that work best for organizations as they work to provide better care to their patients.

If you’re interested in seeing the Mach7 Platform in action, be sure to register for a demo today. Let’s have a conversation about how Mach7 can help your organization!