Mach7 and IDS Present 5 Ways We Will Make You A Healthcare Champion

5 Ways Mach7 and IDS Will Make You a Healthcare Champion!

Whether you identify yourself as an “Innovator,” Disruptor, Strategist, or Gamechanger, you can’t do it alone. You need the right solutions to harness the best possible workflows and ensure your providers get the information they need at the time they need it. Enabling value-based patient care, connecting all medical “ologies,” and sharing data and images across your ecosystem are just a few of the demands your healthcare information solutions must address.

Mach7 and IDS have joined forces to provide you with innovative solutions that bring together best-in-class HIT products and services. Here are five ways IDS and Mach7 Technologies can turn you into a Champion within your organization:

  1. Manage Your Data: Build powerful relationships and gain real-time business intelligence with your providers and patients through our award-winning CRM.
  2. Strengthen Your Workflow: Improve your workflow with our web-based RIS/PACS. Modernize your organization’s PACS through enhanced workflow orchestration, blazing speed and interoperability, and plug in to today’s top AI tools to enhance your clinician’s diagnostic accuracy.
  3. Enable the EHR’s Full Potential: Your providers live in your EHR, yet it doesn’t have access to 75% of all clinical data. Give them what they need, where and when they need it by connecting all your “ologies” to your EHR. Better access to clinical information means better clinical outcomes for your patients and eliminates the need for duplicate procedures.
  4. Streamline Your IT Infrastructure: You’re in the business of caring for patients, not worrying about your IT capabilities. Reduce your IT overhead as our solutions require 45% less infrastructure than other similar IT solutions. Want cloud technology? Our managed services and private cloud, with HITRUST certification, ensure that your data is safe, secure, and available where you need it. We let you work smarter, not harder.
  5. Invest in Your Future: Many healthcare IT solutions have evolved or merged to attempt to meet the demands of today’s challenging IT landscape, but they are still burdened by outdated IT infrastructures. Our solutions leverage the latest technology to provide you with a pathway to the future, no matter what your long-term goals may be. Investing in solutions that can adapt, change, and grow with your organization, as your needs continue to evolve and change, will ensure you are ready for tomorrow’s challenges today, making you the ultimate champion in your organization.

Stop by and see us during HIMSS in booth #1167. Let’s have a conversation about how our solutions can make you a Healthcare IT Champion.

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