An Existing Customer to Expand Use of Mach7 Platform

One of our existing customers has purchased an expansion to the Mach7 Platform and has plans to increase the use of the platform in the future. The Mach7 Platform is moving into their central data center and they are planning to consolidate functions from multiple other vendors’ medical imaging platforms into the Mach7 system.

When this customer reviewed the Mach7 solution and learned more about its potential, particularly for prefetching, XDS compliance through ATNA support, and the ability to enable teleradiology and manage priors, they contracted to move the solution from a localized install to the system-wide datacenter so the Mach7 Platform could be leveraged across the entire healthcare network.

As this customer looked at consolidating these different functions for image management, they needed to update the system to:

  • Increase redundancy and fault tolerance by reducing single points of failure in their IT infrastructure
  • Expanding the capabilities of the platform by adding DICOM Modality Worklist (DMWL)
  • Expanding the licensed volume capacity

Our customer saw the potential to use the Platform as a replacement for several of their legacy systems. In the future, they plan to use Mach7 to sunset some of these, saving money and solving many of the other challenges faced within the health system.

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