Enterprise Imaging Done Differently

Technology Matters

Regardless of your opinion of energy-efficient electric vehicles, such as those offered by Tesla, the technological advances they offer are years ahead of every other consumer-driven auto manufacturer in the world. This unique technology provides Tesla with a leading competitive advantage. Of course, as with any new and innovative technology, there were growing pains as it was scaled for mass production. In Tesla’s case, this meant there were manufacturing challenges, quality control issues, and other setbacks that needed to be addressed. Despite this, Tesla took care of their customers and made the necessary changes to overcome their challenges.

Why is Tesla so far ahead considering they manufacture cars using the same raw materials everyone else has access to? They approached building an automobile from a different angle. Battery-powered electric vehicles inherently contain very few mechanical parts, but what makes Tesla unique is how they spent years researching and developing battery technology to improve upon it. In addition, owners essentially get a “new car” every few weeks through over-the-air software updates, much like smartphones. This can be used to add new features, improve performance, braking, or battery usage, or even “upgrade” your vehicle. This feature is easily 3-4 years ahead of the competition.

EV Charging Station

Just as EV’s require a charging infrastructure to unlock their true value, Mach7 provides the necessary infrastructure at healthcare organizations to enable the true value of enterprise imaging.

Finally, Tesla built a platform first. They took time and developed a charging network that is far more reliable and faster than the other charging networks that are less reliable, enabling drivers to travel across the country without fear of a dead battery. Focusing on the platform has allowed them to succeed much further than any other competitor to date.

At this point, you may be wondering what Tesla has to do with Mach7. Like Tesla, Mach7 started with the same philosophy of taking a different approach to how we design our technology and focusing on the end user better than our competition. Tesla is not really a car manufacturing company – they are a software and engineering company that happens to build cars. Mach7 is not really a VNA or PACS company – we are a clinical software engineering company that happens to build a PACS. 

We looked at the industry’s greatest challenges from the enterprise level and designed our solutions to work differently on a fundamental level, allowing Mach7 to solve problems other solutions struggle with every day.

You Don’t Want Your Legacy Solutions to Define Your Legacy

Most hospitals have more “legacy” systems than they care to admit – according to some reports, there are large organizations with well over 100 legacy systems still in operation. But why? In some instances, it is due to legal and regulatory concerns which require organizations to retain historical data for long periods of time. Other reasons may include a desire to use the data for forecasting or concerns about costs to migrate the data.

As it relates to newer imaging technologies overall, the fear of change is real as institutions tackle with the need to innovate and advance their healthcare systems while maintaining efficient workflows, improving user and patient satisfaction, and continuing to drive high quality care and better patient outcomes. The goal is to not get caught with an antiquated imaging solution that is reliant on outdated technologies, cannot keep up with new innovations, and does not offer the high performance required to manage massive study sizes and volumes.

Do not look at technology for technology’s sake. Instead, evaluate your business problems and then ask yourself if your old technology can move you forward. Mach7’s Enterprise Imaging Solution tackles these challenges and limitations with a high performance enterprise-wide platform for storing, retrieving, and viewing all medical imaging data in one vendor neutral ecosystem. Consider our core foundation:

    • Built for the enterprise first. We did not grow out of one department.
    • We offer you technology independence. Mach7 offers a software solution with minimal hardware requirements – and when it comes to enterprise security, you choose your security protocols, and our solution can easily conform.
    • We are flexible – implement the aspects of our solution you want and expand the solution with a platform that can adapt as you grow as your needs change.
    • Designed for the future – we designed our solution to evolve as you evolve, with easy plug-in capabilities, new workflows can be added without coding changes to the core platform. Plus, we continue to add capabilities our customers want to keep them ahead of the technology curve.

Unlike legacy PACS systems, Mach7’s innovative viewing technology offers fast and efficient image viewing and navigation speeds in real time, regardless of study type or size. Our viewer, eUnity, enables a true zero-footprint enterprise diagnostic viewer with rich clinical workflow orchestration tools combined with a powerful vendor neutral archiving and image data management platform. It also eliminates the need to maintain unsupported viewing applications or versions, drives independence through accessibility on any device with an HTML-5 enabled web browser, and supports integration with any PACS, VNA and EMR. Consider that we:

  • Solve the most pervasive industry integration challenges.
  • Provide access to multiple imaging data sources.
  • Eliminate the reliance on dedicated hardware workstations.
  • Offer unprecedented flexibility for 3rd party integrations.
  • Decrease IT costs through no software downloads or dedicated workstations.
  • Offer a single viewer for both diagnostic and enterprise reading – 100% diagnostic, 100% of the time.
  • Deliver workstation speed, regardless of network latency.

Mach7 offers on-premise or Cloud-hosted solutions to optimally capture, index, manage, store, distribute, view, exchange, and analyze all clinical imaging and multimedia content, fully integrated into your EHR. Our Enterprise PACS removes the barriers that plague legacy PACS solutions and takes advantage of true enterprise diagnostic viewing and enterprise data management while adding a robust, feature-rich universal worklist and quality control tools to replace your traditional PACS. And we do this while offering a powerful teleradiology solution that is accessible anytime and from anywhere.

Now is the time for “out with the old, and in with the new,” so let’s start a conversation about how we can help you modernize your enterprise and drive enterprise imaging transformation with an innovative platform that will move you into the future. Contact us today to learn more.