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Welcome to our Newest Customer, St. Teresa’s Hospital

We are excited to announce Mach7’s newest customer, St. Teresa’s Hospital in Hong Kong! St. Teresa’s is a private hospital in Kowloon, Hong Kong that has purchased the Mach7 PACS. When looking for a new PACS solution, St. Teresa’s had several goals in mind:

  1. Scalable and flexible solution that can expand to fit the needs of the entire hospital
  2. Ability to consolidate two siloed PACS into one platform
  3. Enable Radiology reading in different environments through a web-based solution
  4. Increase Radiologist productivity through rapid access to relevant priors
  5. Improve on existing hanging protocols
  6. Enable Quality Control capabilities at any workstation by moving to a web-based system

The Mach7 PACS met their requirements through a zero-footprint and vendor-neutral platform that can scale and integrate to other systems as needed. In addition, it provides a functional interface that St. Teresa’s radiologists need to quickly access relevant priors and help to fix their existing hanging protocols. The Mach7 PACS will also enable St. Teresa’s staff to access QC tools from any workstation, granting independence from dedicated QC workstations.

In addition to these goals, St. Teresa’s Hospital will utilize the Mach7 Migration Engine to migrate data from legacy PACS into the Mach7 solution. Using Mach7’s Migration Engine, the hospital will migrate their data, saving them tens of thousands of dollars over hiring a third party to migrate their data for them.

Mr. Pascal Tse, the Chief Information Technology Officer of St. Teresa’s, said, “During our rigorous evaluation, we found the Mach7 and Client Outlook fused platform stood out from the rest of the pack in both the vendor neutral archive space and zero footprint viewer arena. St. Teresa’s Hospital is glad to partner with innovative partners to excel in our clinical imaging journey to the benefit of our hospital and patients.”

The partnership with St. Teresa’s also marks Mach7’s entry into the private hospital space in Hong Kong after previously entering the public hospital space through a contract with the Hospital Authority in 2018.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Mach7 can help you, be sure to contact us or register for a demo. Let’s have a conversation today!