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It’s that time of year again! SIIM 2019 is approaching at lightning speed and we’re excited to be attending once more!

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Mach7 Solution Highlights:

Mach7 PACS

Mach7 PACS has been designed for radiologists, specialists, IT and your business to meet expanding needs that requires a more innovative solution beyond the capabilities of a traditional PACS. Mach7 PACS enables you to eliminate workstation dependencies, minimize the cost of upgrades and maintenance through a shared IT footprint, easily adopt and integrate future technologies, and realize true cost savings.

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Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Platform

More than just a VNA, Mach7’s Enterprise Imaging Platform is a system-wide solution that connects and centralizes the management of your enterprise imaging needs. The Mach7 platform provides tools to help image-enable your EHR and provides a single standards-based platform that captures imaging from all your departments, not just Radiology and Cardiology. Mach7 gives you the access and control you need over your data to best suit your imaging strategy.

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Migration Services

Migrating from one PACS to another is a huge obstacle. Working with legacy vendors to try and migrate the huge amounts of data is one of the biggest hurdles to replacing your existing system. We make it fast and convenient with Mach7 Migration Engine, which has the ability to normalize data as it’s being archived. We give you the tools to conduct your own migration or we can manage the process for you.


Interoperability is a hot topic in the industry right now. Mach7’s catalog of specially-built API connectors allows you to consolidate your IT systems and implement your Enterprise Imaging Strategy. With our open framework, we provide all the current standards-based interfaces, but if your legacy systems can’t support modern standards, we can custom-engineer adapters to suit your organization’s specific IT requirements and built the solution that is right for you.

Want more information? Be sure to visit our Solutions Page or contact us today. We want to build the right solution for you.

Be Sure to come see us at the SIIM #Askindustry Vendor Sessions!

Mach7’s own Tony Palmer has been selected to participate in a SIIM #AskIndustry Vendor Session entitled: Capturing the Relevant Metadata for Enterprise Imaging (EI) Across Various Service Lines.

SIIM’s description of this event is: “Capturing and managing Enterprise Imaging (EI) content and associating it to the right patient is challenging enough. Many types of EI content require critical metadata about the content, the method used to capture it, the reason for collecting it, the anatomical regions imaged, and other data to be stored. Not all clinical areas share the same metadata needs, so how to best manage this to allow discovery and access, as well as presentation of EI content? This panel will look at some examples and discuss designs to address these varying needs in a managed enterprise-wide program.” Source

In addition, SIIM lists out three focused objectives for the session to address:

  • In addition to the EI content, what are ways that important metadata can be captured?
  • How are the different discrete data elements managed and indexed (to allow focused queries)?
  • What standard code sets are useful for codifying EI content?

The session will occur on Friday, June 28th at 11:30 AM in Aurora Hall II, which is located in the Exhibit Hall Theater. We hope to see you there!

SIIM #AskIndustry Vendor Sessions Tony Palmer
Mach7 at SIIM 2019, booth #418
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