What is Sensitive Imaging?


Early in 2022, HIMSS-SIIM published a white paper outlining the proliferation of smart devices outside traditional hospital DICOM equipment being incorporated for use in medical photography. While these devices are contributing to improved documentation, communication, and treatment outcomes, issues are arising regarding the management, control, and privacy of the medical images being captured.

It is becoming clear that a provider’s ability to handle and maintain firm control over access to certain sensitive images is a priority.

Healthcare imaging archives contain a multitude of data and imagery, but sensitive imaging refers specifically to cases that require extra levels of privacy by nature: 

  • Trauma cases
  • Graphic wounds/wound care
  • Physical abuse
  • Medical images of minors
  • Forensic cases not meant for all users
  • Protected/high-profile individuals


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Adopting imaging and archiving software for your enterprise to protect your sensitive imaging not only safeguards those in your care, but also insulates the organization from potential legal and compliance issues.

Mach7’s eUnity Enterprise Diagnostic Viewer and Vendor Neutral Archive solutions add an extra level of protection by securely segmenting your sensitive data in separate archives with stringent, customizable controls to ensure the security and confidentiality of sensitive images.