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Location: Boston, MA
Industry: Healthcare – Hospital system
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Situation Overview – Enterprise Image Sharing

MGH required a solution that would:

  • Support high volume study distribution
  • Improve existing PACS system performance by off-loading routing requirements
  • Filter out multi-frame studies causing end-user errors on the enterprise viewing solution
  • Extract and route radiation dosage details to a dosage monitoring system
  • Support extraction and routing of metadata to additional endpoints for research

Our Solution

Mach7 partnered with MGH to understand the specific limitations their team was experiencing with existing imaging management tools, workflows and installed PACS solutions. The Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Platform was installed providing an imaging management “base layer” that would stabilize and normalize distributed image archives and support effective image routing and management.

Two key elements of the solution were deployed in conjunction with the Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Platform:


  • All goals of the new solution met
  • PACS study sending overhead was reduced by 50%
  • Improved system performance, and
  • Reduced end-user errors around multi-frame images

This solution has also enabled radiation dosage tracking. Leveraging Mach7 Management Studio, MGH has an extendible framework for controlling, monitoring, and auditing image distribution.

Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Platform enables us to take greater ownership of imaging data and significantly enhances our ability to share that data towards improving patient care. We are keenly interested in working with new, path-breaking technologies such as the Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Platform that help break the bonds of vendor proprietary solutions. Imaging IT solutions like Mach7’s Enterprise Image Management solutions are the key to a customer managed, image-enabled healthcare enterprise.”

Dr. Keith Dreyer
Vice Chairman of Radiology Informatics
Massachusetts General Hospital

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