Industry Tech Insights Recognizes Mach7 as one of the

Top 10 Companies Revolutionizing Healthcare in 2021

In their April 2021 Healthcare Edition, Industry Tech Insights magazine have featured Mach7 Technologies as one of the Top 10 Companies Revolutionizing Healthcare in 2021. Industry Tech Insights seeks to guide organizations through the constantly-changing technology landscape by providing a print platform featuring enterprise solutions to redefine business goals for the days for come.

You can view Mach7’s profile on the Industry Tech Insights website by clicking here. You can also view and download the profile as it appears in the April 2021 Healthcare Edition by clicking the blue button.

Industry Tech Insights Mach7 Award Badge

You can read the full April 2021 Healthcare Edition below.

Mach7 as a Market Leader

As the publication notes, “Mach7 is positioned as a market leader in providing a complete end-to-end enterprise imaging solution encompassing imaging data management (vendor-neutral archive and communication workflows), patient worklists, and a powerful enterprise viewer for the viewing of digital images across all healthcare specialties.”

“Mach7 has gained the endorsement of the market by capturing a number of preeminent sites and delivering on our commitments to enable better clinical productivity, enhance user and patient satisfaction, facilitate cost management and improve clinical outcomes. Customer advocacy and our commitment to innovation is establishing our brand as a leader in the imaging industry. We are completely focused on patient health and improving the quality of care that healthcare organizations provide to their patients. Through our customer focused culture and unique perspective of offering differentiated value through independency and innovation, the company is prepared to achieve significant growth to forge ahead as a leader in the enterprise imaging field.”

Mike Lampron

CEO, Mach7 Technologies

Mach7 is ready for your enterprise imaging transformation