Mach7 Technologies helps Adventist Health Sonora deliver high quality care for every patient and family they serve

On February 4th, 2024, Adventist Health Sonora, located in Sonora, CA, went live on Mach7’s PACS Radiology and Enterprise viewing solution which includes the Mach7 Vendor Neutral Archive and eUnity Diagnostic Viewer as part of an overall enterprise health initiative.

The implementation project focused on Radiologist primary reading of Radiology exams, clinician viewing as well as image routing services to go outside radiology subspecialty practitioners. Mach7’s advanced Diagnostic Mammography capability enhances care for breast imaging and women’s health for the Sonora community.

Sonora joins Adventist Health Tillamook, Adventist Health Mendocino, Adventist Health Portland, Adventist Health Tulare, Adventist Health Delano and Adventist Health Bakersfield specialty hospitals currently utilizing the Mach7 PACS platform as part of a joint effort to modernize and elevate the level of care across the Adventist Health network.

Adventist Health Sonora and its medical clinics perform approximately 100,000 exams annually.

Mach7, along with the local Adventist Health clinical leadership team, trained over 125 staff, including additional super users, IT/PACS Administrators, technologists, and nurses.

Adventist Health Sonora Radiologists, Techs, Emergency Room providers and Clinics were educated and supported by Mach7 and local Adventist Health leadership. The end users have noted improved workflows switching to Mach7 and look forward to experiencing additional value as the system is fully utilized across the Adventist Health network.