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Location: London, United Kingdom
Industry: Healthcare – private hospital system
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Situation Overview

Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), is the world’s largest private hospital group. HCA is the nation’s leading provider of healthcare services, a company comprised of locally managed facilities that includes about 165 hospitals and 115 freestanding surgery centers in 20 states and England and employing approximately 204,000 people. HCA’s United Kingdom branch, HCA International, is comprised of six private hospitals in London. Each is recognized as a Centre of Excellence committed to the highest standard of care delivered by dedicated medical teams.

At one site, a collaborative venture with University College London Hospitals Charity, HCA owns and manages 80% of the imaging and related equipment, with its own Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS), and Radiology Information System (RIS) in place. The remaining 20% of images are managed by the National Health Service (NHS), which has its own PACS and Healthcare Information System (HIS).

One of HCA’s chief challenges has been the distribution and sharing of images across this diverse and distributed alliance. Kaye Bonython, Head of Imaging Informatics at HCA International, and her team needed to ensure that HCA patient images and records remained with the HCA Radiology Information System and PACS, and NHS patient information remained within the NHS systems, regardless of how the images and records were created.

Our Solution

HCA International installed and configured Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Platform and Communication Workflow Engine for routing, which enables seamless integration between the NHS and HCA imaging systems. The technology allows HCA and NHS to route their respective information system feeds and create one DICOM Modality Worklist (DMWL) on their modalities, while also routing patient images and data to the appropriate NHS or HCA PACS.

The key solution elements deployed in conjunction with the Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Platform:


  • All goals of the new solution met
  • Seamless routing of images regardless of originating PACS or RIS
  • Intelligent routing of specialty procedures across the diverse enterprise
  • Simplified image communication to and from all remote sites
  • Enabled pre- and post-fetch workflows based on received, archived, and routed studies

Working with Mach7 Technologies has been a dream. We were on a tight timeline with this project, and needed a solution to be up and running in just a few months. Mach7’s Professional Services team was very comprehensive on what was needed to make the installation a success. Overall, this was a spectacular way to showcase the technology, and we know we’re not utilizing it to the fullest extent yet.

Kaye Bonython
Head of Imaging Informatics
HCA International
London, UK

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