Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Platform: Consolidate Archiving and Communication Across Your Enterprise

Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Platform provides the most robust, full-functioning product set in the industry for clinical archiving and communication. Unleash the vast potential of your stored imaging data to improve patient care, revenues, compliance, and physician satisfaction across the enterprise.

Mach7 accelerates care delivery, centralizes access, and lowers IT costs across the enterprise:

  • Facilitate cross-department patient information sharing – Improve diagnostic efficiency and reduce IT expenses associated with sequestered, proprietary medical image archiving systems.
  • Align clinical departmental and enterprise communication workflow – Transform delivery of care.
  • Enable tele-services with advanced communication techniques – Protect health information, ensure efficient communication, and enable localized acquisition from across disparate enterprises.
  • Image enable your EMR – Provide a longitudinal view of the patient record of all imaging data and other unstructured content on a vendor neutral platform.
  • Maintain patient data integrity – Leverage standard methods of identifying patient information across disparate systems.

Products in Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Platform:

Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA)

Enterprise Image Management with Communication Workflow Engine

Management Studio | Vendor Neutral Archive | Communication Workflow Engine

Routing Engine | Fetching Engine | Migration Engine