University of Georgia Teaching Hospital Awards Mach7 Contract for Enterprise Imaging Platform

Burlington, VT – March 17, 2015 – Mach7 Technologies®, a global provider of enterprise image management systems and services, has been selected by University of Georgia (UGA) Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Using Mach7 Enterprise Imaging platform UGA will “deconstruct” their existing PACS and adopt a vendor neutral imaging management model.

Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Platform will enable universal image access, sharing and visualization across the enterprise. Consolidation and normalization of exam and imaging data ensures UGA has access to clean data across the enterprise. UGA plans to leverage Mach7’s iModality Mobile App, allowing clinicians to capture non-DICOM files using iPhones and iPads and automatically associating them with patient data in the electronic medical record (EMR).

“At our core, we are a teaching hospital,” said Don Faulkner, PACS/RIS coordinator, UGA. “We are building our imaging strategy on Mach7’s platform, enabling connectivity and collaboration across our enterprise. The Mach7 VNA will provide an integrated archive management strategy to accommodate medical images from all sources, including Radiology, Cardiology, Endoscopy, Pathology and Clinical Pathology. We are particularly excited to use the iModality Mobile App, which will allow our clinicians to capture photos, videos, and notes with their mobile phone or tablet from any location – a must in our field when patients can’t always be seen in a traditional exam setting.”

UGA is the latest organization to join the ranks of current Mach7 customers,

About Mach7 Technologies
Mach7 Technologies is a global provider of enterprise image management systems that allow healthcare enterprises to easily identify, connect, and share diagnostic image and patient care intelligence where and when needed. Mach7’s award-winning platform delivers complete image management including rapid record identification, integration, synchronization and routing, advanced clinical viewing, and optimized vendor neutral archiving. Mach7 has locations in the U.S., Asia, Australia, and the Middle East. Visit, follow us on Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.

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