Montefiore Medical Center Goes Live on Keystone Engine

Multi-site Facility Collaborates with Mach7 to Improve Mammo Reading Workflow

Burlington, VT – April 25, 2011 — Mach 7 Technologies (M7T), a global provider of PACS vendor neutral medical image management solutions, has collaborated with Montefiore Medical
Center to deploy Keystone Engine to improve the mammo reading workflow.

Montefiore reads mammography studies using specialty workstations that are loosely coupled to the core radiology PACS. The mammo reading workstations and the PACS are from different
vendors. Montefiore had three goals with this project:

  1. Ensure that relevant prior studies are prefetched from the PACS when a study is “in progress” as opposed to the more traditional model where studies are prefetched during the night for exams scheduled on the following day. Montefiore’s mammo schedule is volatile with frequent cancellations. The nightly prefetch approach resulted in significant storage congestion problems.
  2. Being a multi-site facility, Montefiore wanted to ensure that prefetched studies are sent to the right location.
  3. Within each location, ensure that screening exams and diagnostic exams are sent to appropriate workstations.

To meet these goals, Montefiore partnered with M7T to deploy Keystone Engine. Keystone Engine is configured to perform DICOM Modality Work List queries to the RIS every 5 minutes
requesting “in progress” studies. Each MWL query returns a candidates list. Based on customer defined prefetch rules, relevant prior studies are selected and CMOVE commands are issued to the PACS. Keystone Engine, using rules defined by the customer, ensures that the studies are routed to the correct location and exam workstation based on embedded DICOM metadata. This Keystone Engine enhanced workflow ensures that each mammo workstation receives only those relevant priors for exams to be read at that workstation. This has eliminated mammo
workstation storage congestion problems and improved radiologist satisfaction and productivity due to improved system stability.

“Merging the latest technology with clinical excellence is a part of Montefiore’s culture so it is obvious why Montefiore was an early adopter of M7T and a partner in developing the enhanced
Mammography functionality”, states Mony Weschler, Director Ancillary Informatics Montefiore IT and Emerging Health IT.

“Montefiore remains an excellent collaboration partner”, says Tom Riesenberg COO & VP Americas for Mach 7 Technologies. “With Montefiore’s assistance, Keystone Suite continues to
strengthen its capabilities, furthering its position as a world class Enterprise Imaging Platform that improves customer imaging workflow”.

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