Mach7 Technologies Selected to Power Advanced Enterprise Imaging Solution Across Africa

IntriHEALTH® selects Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Platform to power Africa’s first fully integrated and scalable enterprise image management solution.

Burlington, VT – March 16, 2016 –

IntriHEALTH, the leading healthcare diagnostic solutions provider in Africa, standardized their medical imaging management services offering on Mach7 Technologies’ award-winning enterprise imaging platform. As part of a comprehensive evaluation of industry offerings, including an incumbent unified clinical archive, IntriHEALTH selected Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Platform to power an extensive offering of enterprise-level medical image management capabilities, with fully-integrated yet modular mobile image capture, workflow management, reporting and referral portal functionality.

Healthcare Diagnostic Solution Addresses Growing Healthcare Resource Crisis

Africa suffers from a critical shortage of radiologists, underscoring the need for the centralization and communication of image data across disparate locations. The ability to capture and share images, regardless of geographic location, offers an immediate solution for regions challenged to bridge the growing gap between healthcare needs and healthcare delivery.

The specific requirements for security, privacy, storage and rapid image availability, regardless of image format, makes IntriHEALTH’s selection of Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Platform uniquely disruptive to the status quo in a region struggling to improve diagnostic activities that may lead to better or more timely treatment.

“Mach7 provides superior technology to solve the critical needs of our customers and patients in Africa,” commented Mike Simpson, CEO, IntriHEALTH. “Advancing enterprise imaging by leveraging best-of-breed technology across a clinical ecosystem is gaining rapid adoption among providers across Africa. Our integration and implementation experience with Mach7 has been both swift and seamless, a testament to the technology and support teams at Mach7.”

Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Platform provides advanced services other vendors cannot offer IntriHEALTH including:

  • A flexible imaging platform that can be used across a variety of sites from remote area imaging centers, to academic hospitals.
  • A mobile-ready solution that supports image capture in the field.
  • An enterprise solution that supports the access and sharing of patient imaging files and media from any geographic location.
  • A platform that scales easily to suit provider workloads.
  • An intuitive and simple GUI that simplifies system configuration.

About IntriHEALTH

IntriHEALTH® is the leading diagnostics solutions provider in Africa, specializing in the long-term storage of clinical exam data across all imaging platforms. IntriHEALTH® offers a complete radiology solution, taking various best of breed software components to support multiple radiology solutions off a single platform. Drawing on a wealth of knowledge and experience, using world-class software, exceptional system integration and highly sophisticated back-end support, IntriHEALTH® offers a total solution to the end user, allowing every possible technological choice and multiple configurations – “Practice in a Box”. IntriHEALTH’s mission is bringing healthcare to the people of Africa through the use of technology. Visit

About Mach7 Technologies

Mach7 Technologies is a global provider of enterprise image management systems that allow healthcare enterprises to easily identify, connect, and share diagnostic image and patient care intelligence where and when needed. Mach7’s award-winning platform delivers image management including rapid record identification, integration, synchronization and routing, advanced clinical viewing and optimized vendor neutral archiving. Mach7 has locations in the U.S., Asia, Australia, and the Middle East. Visit Follow us on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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