Mach7 Brings a New Era of Capabilities to the “A” and “C” in PACS

Burlington, VT – June 10, 2014 – Mach7 Technologies, a global provider of enterprise image management systems and services, is helping healthcare institutions around the world easily identify, connect, and share diagnostic image and patient care intelligence where and when needed. The company’s innovative archiving, communication and workflow platform delivers complete image management, including rapid record identification, consolidation, synchronization and routing across the enterprise. Advanced clinical viewing and the ability to plug-and-play best-of-breed visualization solutions provides unmatched diagnostic and clinical management of the complete patient record.

Mach7’s advanced archiving and communication technology puts electronic health records at the fingertips of clinicians and patients. From diagnosing specialists, to referring physicians building and managing treatment plans, to patients, Mach7’s enterprise imaging platform enables universal access and sharing of patient health information including imaging. Mach7 unlocks patient data sequestered to proprietary departmental PACS silos, integrates and intelligently communicates patient media from external facilities and unleashes the intelligence that comprehensive, cleansed patient data can offer.

Healthcare institutions around the world use Mach7 solutions for archiving, clinical productivity improvement, IT cost savings, health information exchange, meaningful use compliance, and improved patient data communication. Mach7’s award-winning platform allow healthcare organizations to:

  • Deploy a vendor neutral archive (VNA)
  • View and share medical imaging data
  • Manage complex imaging workflows
  • Deliver a robust physician and patient portal
  • Provide mobile access
  • Capture imaging data from mobile devices

About Mach7
Mach7 Technologies, headquartered in Burlington, VT, is a global provider of enterprise image management systems that allow healthcare enterprises to easily identify, connect, and share diagnostic image and patient care intelligence where and when it is needed. Mach7’s innovative communication and workflow technology delivers complete image management including rapid record identification, integration, synchronization and routing, advanced clinical viewing, and optimized vendor neutral archiving across the enterprise. Mach7 has locations in the U.S., Asia, Australia, and the Middle East.

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