Mach 7 Technologies Introduces Keystone Suite v11.0

BURLINGTON, Vt., Nov. 26, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — Mach 7 Technologies (M7T), a global provider of PACS vendor neutral medical image management solutions, announces the introduction of Keystone Suite v11.

Keystone Suite is a world class Enterprise Imaging Platform (EIP) that empowers customers to OWN, SHARE and ACCESS their medical image data. The Keystone Suite EIP works in harmony with existing departmental PACS, modalities, and post-processing workstations. Keystone Suite enhances medical imaging workflow, while empowering the customer to resolve imaging workflow challenges, perform sophisticated imaging workflow improvements not achievable with most PACS, and save money when making new PACS investment decisions.

The core components of the Keystone Suite EIP include:

  • Keystone Engine – A flexible, fast, scalable imaging workflow engine that dramatically improves medical imaging workflow based on customer defined instructions.
  • Keystone Archive – A world class, scalable, hardware agnostic, PACS vendor neutral medical image archive.
  • Keystone Clinical Viewer – A multispecialty web viewer that easily integrates with upstream EHR systems enabling a single access point for viewing all imaging studies related to a patient.
  • Keystone Utilities – Accessory desktop applications that improve workflow and productivity for healthcare imaging IT and clinical professionals.

Keystone Suite v11 empowers customers with the following new and enhanced capabilities:

  • Prefetch across multiple disparate PACS archives with the Keystone prefetch engine
  • Proactively monitor enterprise imaging traffic with Keystone system alerts
  • Export image data based on immediate demands or when scheduling future PACS replacements with the Keystone Archive Utility
  • Scale to meet your growing imaging requirements with Keystone “Cluster Aware”, providing a sophisticated solution to balancing processing load across clustered nodes  Segment your archive for flexibility in storing and accessing imaging studies across organizations and in support of teaching and research needs
  • Monitor and audit you enterprise imaging transactions with the Keystone Management Studio
  • Mine clinical and business intelligence with the Keystone reporting module
  • Enhance routing and processing capabilities while minimizing overhead with Keystone image level control
  • Extend image processing capabilities to meet custom requirements with the Keystone plug-in framework
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