Mach 7 Technologies Announces the Release of Keystone Suite v11.2 at RSNA 2011

Latest Version of M7T Enterprise Imaging Platform Provides Enhanced Capabilities for Imaging Workflows

Burlington, VT, November 2011 – Mach 7 Technologies (M7T), a global provider of PACS vendor neutral medical image management solutions, announces the release of Keystone Suite v11.2 with enhanced workflow capabilities at RSNA 2011, Booth #9302.

The Keystone Suite is a world class Enterprise Imaging Platform (EIP) that empowers customers to own, share, and access their imaging data. As a VNA partner, M7T helps healthcare enterprises worldwide resolve complex integration issues between PACS vendors, consolidate DICOM and non-DICOM image data, reduce the time it takes to bring new PACS live with an intelligent migration, and save money with the capabilities of Keystone Suite.

Core Components of the Keystone Suite EIP include:
Keystone Routing Engine – A flexible, fast, scalable imaging workflow engine that dramatically improves medical imaging workflow based on customer defined instructions.
Keystone Prefetch Engine – An intelligent, multi-archive prefetch engine that ensures relevant priors are available to reading physicians regardless of where the prior studies reside.
Keystone Archive- A world class, scalable, hardware agnostic, PACS vendor neutral medical image archive complete with all VNA requirements.
Keystone Clinical Viewer – A multispecialty web viewer that easily integrates with upstream EHR systems enabling a single access point for viewing all imaging studies related to a patient.
Keystone Utilities – Accessory desktop applications that improve workflow and productivity for healthcare imaging IT and clinical professionals.

Keystone Suite v11.2 empowers customers with the following new and enhanced capabilities:
Enhanced Imaging Workflow – Graphically define workflow processing, normalize DICOM attributes, route studies and prefetch relevant priors with intuitive rules-based logic.
Keystone Cluster Awareness – A high availability, scalable solution for non-stop processing and endless scalability.
Enhanced Lifecycle Management- Providing advanced capabilities for managing watermarks, securing up-to-date studies on multiple locations, resource management, purging logic and
Centralized Management – A new web-based interface for managing all aspects of the EIP from monitoring to detailed tracking and auditing, rules based workflow configuration, and Keystone cluster management.
Advanced Tracking, Monitoring and Reporting- A powerful user interface dashboard for tracking real-time system processing, monitoring, reporting and auditing.
Archive Segmentation – Providing flexibility to create customized segments within a single instance of the archive, storage management across resources, sites, departments, disaster recovery archives and more.

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