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Founded in 2007, Mach7 Technologies excels as a market leader born of innovation and growing through strategic partnerships. Our team of industry experts brings hundreds of years of experience to customer partnerships where our culture of collaboration fosters innovation through new and improved patient-focused solutions. Mach7 brings a fresh approach to enterprise imaging management and workflow that pulls from the latest technologies and the brightest minds to deliver cutting edge solutions. The company provides award-winning vendor neutral archive technology to improve enterprise imaging data storage, sharing and interoperability across healthcare enterprises. Patent-awarded mobile technology extends this advanced enterprise imaging solution technology to mobile devices, further differentiating Mach7 as a healthcare technology leader.

In April 2016, Mach7 Technologies merged with 3D Medical, Australia’s leading medical specific 3D printing and holographic projection provider. 3D Medical focuses on commercializing the greater use and broader application of medical images and data already being captured by the diagnostic imaging sector. 3D Medical is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mach7 Technologies.

The combined excellence of our two organizations positions us to capitalize on our strengths and enable a new era of patient-centered care. Mach7 Technologies’ solutions are being leveraged by global healthcare enterprises to unlock patient data, unleash care intelligence and fundamentally shift the management, sharing and use of medical imaging to power the healthcare enterprise ecosystem. Mach7 solutions allow patient data and patient care intelligence to be used in more meaningful ways to achieve systemic efficiencies, improve practitioner effectiveness and offer improved outcomes for patient.

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ASX Announcements

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M7T Appendix 4D and Half Year Report for the Half Year Ending December 31, 2016 (PDF) M7T September 2016 Quarterly Cash Flow (PDF) M7T Preliminary Final Report for Year Ending June 30, 2016 (PDF) M7T June 2016 Quarterly Cash Flow (PDF) M7T March 2016 Quarterly Cash Flow (PDF)

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M7T Gordon Capital Report – Oct 2016 (PDF) M7T Gordon Capital Report – May 2016 (PDF) M7T Gordon Capital Report – April 2016 (PDF)

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Please find our corporate governance documents attached below.

Audit & Risk Management Committee Charter (PDF) Board Charter (PDF) Code of Conduct (PDF) Communications Policy (PDF) Continuous Disclosure Policy (PDF) Diversity Policy (PDF) Remuneration & Nomination Committee Charter (PDF) Remuneration Policy (PDF) Risk Management Policy (PDF) Securities Trading Policy (PDF) Whistleblowers Policy (PDF)