Advance Diagnostic Accuracy and Improve Patient Outcomes

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Optimized Visualization. Mach7’s technically advanced Communication Workflow Engine and clinically-specific work lists ensure that images are routed to optimal visualization solutions based on clinical context, clinician preferences, data formats, and level of diagnostic reading required. Ensure procedures and related priors are available on the right visualization solution.
Choose Best-of-Breed Viewers. Mach7 integrates, manages, and displays any DICOM (and non-DICOM) image and related objects, presentation states, key objects, and structured reports ensuring optimal diagnostic viewing and support of the most advanced, best-of-breed viewing technology.
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Enhance current modality and PACS visualization workflows. Resolve workflow challenges with advanced translation and transformation techniques available in Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Platform. Enable maintainable PACS hanging protocols, split imaging procedures across orders and visits based on sub-specialty professional needs, and enable interoperability challenges with compression algorithms, patient identification updates, and order conflict resolutions.