Own and Manage Your Imaging Data

As a CIO, we know you are inundated with constant demands to comply with changing regulatory environments, keep up with clinician technology advances, and innovate. Mach7 is here for you as an enterprise imaging solutions partner.

How We Can Help You

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Image-enable your EMR from a central image repository that supports all specialty departments and localized image formats. Our advanced vendor neutral archive allows healthcare organizations to link all images, pictures, videos, and exam data to the patient’s record from one consolidated archive. Specialty departments can continue to leverage local PACS visualization solutions while Mach7’s VNA consolidates the patient care information and provides a single point of enterprise access through a zero-footprint clinical image viewer for all patient image data.
Delight Specialty Clinicians with the flexibility to select best-of-breed visualization solutions. Stabilize data storage, integrity, and communication while enabling specialists to plug-and-play their visualization solutions of choice. Enable clinicians to have the tools to provide the best patient care possible and eliminate the traditional “lock” of a single PACS visualization solution for the next seven plus years.
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Go Mobile. Need mobile viewing and image acquisition support? Using Mach7’s patented technology with iModality, images can be acquired on mobile devices and then consolidated on the Mach7 VNA. Patient data can be viewed on any Internet-aware or network-aware device including smartphones and tablets.
Maximize the infrastructure investments that you have made in EMR, PACS, and data storage solutions. Move to a simpler, standardized, and more efficient image management solution. Addressing enterprise image management is simplified with Mach7’s platform that builds intelligence into image management by connecting silos of data across your enterprise, and consolidates, integrates, and synchronizes your departmental PACS.
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Streamline the management of inbound patient images and data. Manage the flow, storage, and disposal of inbound imaging exam data. Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Platform and Mach7 Clinical Studio will import, interpret, and intelligently route external patient data seamlessly leveraging your organization’s defined protocols.
Provide an image-enhanced physician and patient portal. Customizable physician and patient portals offer a clear view of patient data tailored to your specific data and image delivery requirements. Get even more from your EMR investment with portals.
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Enterprise Imaging Platform
Own your patient images and data and define the rules that govern how your patient data will be stored, accessed, synchronized, archived, and end-of-lifed. You should never be held “hostage” by vendors who store patient record data in proprietary formats. Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Platform consolidates patient data and images stored in proprietary formats and unlocks the data stored in a PACS.