Improve Clinical Workflow Efficiency

Improve Clinical Workflow EfficiencyUnlock patient data sequestered in proprietary departmental PACS silos, integrate and intelligently communicate patient media from external facilities and take advantage of the intelligence that comprehensive, cleansed data can offer. Mach7 Communication Workflow Engine has solved some of the toughest image routing, translation, and sharing challenges worldwide.

  • Plug and play best-of-breed specialty visualization solutions and viewers.
  • Support telemedicine and teleservices image routing and management requirements.
  • Simplified image communication to and from remote sites.
  • Translate, transform and localize imaging data.
  • Solve departmental challenges that enhance modality and visualization solution investments.

Sophisticated Image Routing

Enable sharing of imaging data across your enterprise or imaging centers.  With Mach7’s sophisticated rules-based routing logic, systematically route image data to locations where interpretations need to be performed.  Features include:

  • Intelligent routing of specialty procedures.
  • Image-level routing enables study segmentation, thin and thick slice management, dose management, and more.
  • Solutions for modality and PACS routing limitations.
  • Off-hours coverage support.

Advanced Image & Data Fetching

In addition to sophisticated routing capabilities, Mach7 Communication Workflow Engine:

  • Provides clinicians with prior procedure data for historical comparisons before it’s needed.
  • Schedules prefetch tasks across disparate PACS and locations to ensure imaging data is served to the exact exam location days or hours before needed.
  • Easily configures HL7 order feeds or DMWL queries to trigger priority prefetch requests.
  • Enables postfetch workflows based on received, archived, and routed studies.

Control Your Workflows with an Intuitive Admin Console

Enabling the most advanced functionality on the market, Mach7 Communication Workflow Engine includes an administrative console with a super intuitive user interface so you can monitor, track, and audit data from day one with ease. Rules are graphically managed though representative workflow diagrams.  Challenges that have historically taken weeks to years to fix through vendor dependent scripting and development customizations may now be resolved in a matter of seconds using simple mouse clicks.

Mach7 Communication Workflow Engine Features

Easily configurable DICOM normalization

Proprietary DICOM converters

Data compression & transfer syntax conversion

Sophisticated rules-based routing logic

Advanced prefetching

Intuitive administration console

Let’s Solve Your Toughest Image Routing and Communication Challenges
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