Sophisticated Image Routing

Mach7 Routing Engine enables the seamless workflow  and intelligent sharing of imaging data across clinical workflows, within and beyond the enterprise. With Mach7’s sophisticated rules-based routing logic, image data may be systematically routed to where interpretations need to be performed. User defined rules manage standard distribution as well as off-hours coverage support, specialty procedure distribution and series and image level routing for management of thick/thin slices, dose monitoring and more.

Overcome Modality and PACS Limitations

Your modality and PACS routing limitations are easy to manage using an intuitive user interface that incorporates graphical workflow diagrams. Challenges that have historically taken weeks or months to fix through vendor dependent scripting and development customizations may now be resolved by your team in a matter of seconds using simple mouse clicks.

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Enable Intuitive Control

Mach7 Routing Engine is feature-rich and offers intuitive control of your workflows to promote optimal clinical outcomes.

  • Route specialty procedures intelligently and ensure your images are sent to the most appropriate physician when and where they are needed most. Sophisticated rules-based routing logic allows you to systematically split studies at the series level or image level and route to appropriate workstations and PACS using a variety of criteria.
  • Resolve inconsistencies in series descriptors from all modalities to the preferred settings before the study is sent to your PACS.
  • Convert proprietary data from your PACS proprietary storage format to standard DICOM.
  • Localize data and automatically normalize any DICOM attribute as needed to cleanse data and meet needs of local target archive.
  • Configure workflow rules simply using an easy-to-use graphical interface.
  • Resolve inconsistencies in series descriptors from all modalities to the preferred settings before the study is sent to your PACS or diagnostic viewer.
  • Simplified study compression capabilities using integrated compression algorithm.

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