Simplified Migration

Mach7 Migration Engine facilitates timely and accurate migrations of your existing image data to your new PACS or Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA). Image attributes are normalized and localized as studies are sent to the target system.


Take control of your next PACS migration with Mach7 Migration Engine.

  • Native Storage – Images are stored in their native format ensuring they can be retrieved by the originating data source and usable by any imaging tool of the future.
  • Data is Normalized & Cleansed – DICOM attributes are automatically normalized to local standards to cleanse data and meet needs of target archive.
  • Verification – Target PACS/Archive is validated against the source PACS/archive in real-time reducing the overall time to complete a fully validated migration. Migration progress is audited with ability to address errors and exceptions while the migration is in process.
  • Reporting and Real-time Dashboard – Real-time updates on progress are available from a dashboard with a visual indication that images have been migrated and reports from audit logs. A complete picture of the migration project is available in an audit report of files transferred, failed moves, success rate and exceptions percentage.
  • Scalable – Migration can be scaled across servers and virtual machines to optimize throughput and progress of a migration
  • Control – Network traffic is not impacted as migration times can be scheduled to pause and start automatically to accommodate for times of high network traffic or any other preference.

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