Optimize Clinical Workflows

Mach7 Fetching Engine manages pre and post fetching to ensure relevant prior images are moved and available for comparison purposes before they are needed by the radiologist or clinician. The robust rules engine handles complicated environments with multiple disparate PACS to move image data to the exact reading workstation. An advanced criteria builder is managed and configured by your team with a simple, intuitive graphical user interface.

Fetching Engine

Improve Productivity and Enhance Patient Care

With Mach7 Fetching Engine, users have full control to define the exams that trigger pre and post fetch operations as well as the criteria for related prior images. The fetching of studies can be from any number of sources, and the fetched studies can be routed to any number of destinations. The rules for defining related priors are all configurable per trigger.

Ensure relevant prior studies are available for clinicians when and where they are needed.

  • Configure with ease HL7 order feeds or DMWL queries to trigger priority prefetch requests.
  • Schedule prefetch tasks across disparate PACS and locations to ensure imaging data is served to the exact exam location days or hours before needed.
  • Enable postfetch workflows based on received, archived, and routed studies.
  • Manage rules with advanced criteria builder that allow the user to select from all attributes to be evaluated.
  • Eliminate image set duplication by executing a CFIND check to ensure the study does not already exist on that system.
  • Fulfill priority prefetch requests for emergency or walk-in cases through configured HL7 order feeds.

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