Mach7 Management Studio: Own and Control your Imaging Data

Mach7 Management Studio helps healthcare delivery organizations meet business and patient care goals by empowering them to own, archive and communicate all imaging data from across the enterprise and seamlessly connect that data with the Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

A Single Imaging Toolkit for the IT Administrator

With an industry recognized best-of-breed enterprise imaging platform, Mach7 Management Studio delivers control and ownership over your clinical images and content through an intuitive, point-and-click user interface so you can monitor, track, and audit data from day one with ease. Management Studio is the IT administrator’s toolkit, enabling graphical configuration of image routing and fetching rules, advanced custom reporting, auditing of DICOM normalization activities, a real-time monitoring dashboard and more. With rules graphically managed though representative workflow diagrams, challenges that have historically taken weeks to years to fix through vendor dependent scripting and development customizations may now be resolved in a matter of seconds using simple mouse clicks.

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A Vendor Neutral Solution for all Clinical Media

Mach7 Management Studio is a vendor neutral solution for all clinical media regardless of source or format. The solution brings clarity to your image archiving processes and puts you in control of data ownership, access, sharing, and communication. Mach7 Management Studio gives you the tools to simply unlock disparate archive silos, consolidate patient data and move patient data to simplify sharing and access across the connected enterprise.

Mach7 Management Studio delivers core information technology to better manage and own your data.

  • Vendor Neutral Solution for all Clinical Media – Build a comprehensive view of the patient electronic care record.
  • Graphical Workflow Configuration – Manage your own routing, normalization and processing rules with simple mouse-clicks.
  • Real-time Monitoring – Gain complete insight into all enterprise imaging activity and transactions.
  • Detailed Auditing Capabilities – Ensure that the integrity of your imaging data remains intact and HIPAA auditing requirements met. With Management Studio, processing details around DICOM normalization and image data routing activities are captured for analysis.
  • Translation Tables – Leverage a simplified approach to managing large translations between DICOM attributes across disparate PACS systems.
  • Intelligent Archive Management – Control the contents of your Archive.
  • Simplified PACS Migration – Schedule, control, monitor and manage your next PACS migration.
  • Standards-based Storage and Interoperability – Consolidate storage and resolve proprietary formats.
  • Rules-based Routing and Pre-Fetching – Easily configure rules to intelligently route image data including historical comparisons to appropriate locations.




Mach7 Management Studio


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