Advanced Workflow Orchestration with Mach7’s AI-Enabled Smart Universal Worklist

The Mach7 Universal Worklist personalizes radiologist workflow with automated reading assignments directed to the most appropriate physician, with the identification of priors that learns and weights relevancy, and with the ability to normalize terminologies that ensure hanging protocols work with consistency. The Mach7 Universal Worklist was developed to deliver physician efficiencies.

Designed initially to service complex multi-site health systems and imaging center groups, the Mach7 Universal Worklist ensures patient procedures, regardless of acquiring site and PACS, are delivered to the most appropriate radiologist and integrated clinical tools. Advanced interoperability capabilities launch and manage clinical context across any number of viewers, reporting, and AI solutions leveraging an unlimited number of monitors.

Mach7 Universal Worklist optimizes reading efficiency across health systems, specialties and users.

Empower Clinicians

Improve visibility for exams of interest such as STAT, aged-off, assigned and unassigned exams across radiology and multi-site groups. Access and view historic data or studies with one click.

Dynamically Optimize Reading Efficiency

Ensure each study is read by the most appropriate team member based on clinical expertise and assignments.

Maximize Productivity

Organize and prioritize general and subspecialty worklists within one screen for quick navigation.

Improve User Experience

Leverage customized worklists, notifications, and smart viewer selection configured to automatically use a preferred viewing solution.

Leverage Existing IT Investments

Enable best-of-breed viewers, reporting solutions, and external worklist engines with truly universal integration capabilities.

Near-Zero Footprint Technology

Delivers dedicated workstation performance and experience through a web browser. Workstation installations and access to updated functionality is greatly simplified with only a small agent install required to manage desktop integrations and monitor layouts.

Mach7 Universal Worklist Enables Collaboration While Providing Visibility to Workflow Trends

Enable real-time visibility into workflow to identify tends and bottlenecks.

The ability to visualize workflow of an entire imaging enterprise in real time provides actionable insights to proactively manage imaging operations. Data can be leveraged across the enterprise to establish baselines, identify locations and patterns of delays, and oversee the progress being made toward improving efficiency and productivity. All of these data points are leveraged to help drive improved patient and physician satisfaction.

Mach7 Universal Worklist accelerates care delivery, centralizes access, and lowers IT costs across the enterprise:

Optimize Collaboration

Enable stakeholders to chat and share clinical context in real time as they collaborate on patient procedures.

Leverage Artificial Intelligence

Automate the use of appropriate third-party AI algorithms to set reading priorities, assist in diagnosis, and streamline reporting.

Identify Trends

Use analytical tools to view workflow trends of individuals, departments, or the enterprise in real time.

Improve Specialty Workflow

Derive actionable insights from observations in operational data. Workflows allow for non-reading tasks, managing interruptions, follow-up and communication.

Balance Clinician Workflow

Automate intelligent exam assignment for creation of general and subspecialty worklists.

Ensure Optimal Patient Care

Prioritize exams, provide access to more clinical data, facilitate rapid turnaround time and safeguard against missed exams.

Mach7 Universal Worklist: For a Complete View with No Missing Pieces

Deploy a technologically advanced Universal Worklist to enable collaboration, streamline operations and improve care delivery.

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