Discover Mach7’s full featured QC module and construct your clinical ecosystem



Change your leaves, keep intact your roots. ~Victor Hugo


On the road to Enterprise Imaging? Wondering how to construct the functions of your PACS? Mach7 can help.

Mach7 addresses specialty workflow needs using Mach7 QC beginning with the person who creates the image – the technologist. Upon study completion, technologists are empowered with all the robust tools they need to view, modify, verify, print, and export studies from one centralized system. All transactions are maintained to create an auditable record. No longer is it necessary for the technologist to log in to the PACS to perform these critical image management tasks.

Grow your ecosystem with a stable foundation enabling you to plug and play clinical applications across the enterprise.


Mach7 QC Features – Find the right tool for the job.

Annotate Image or Series
Add annotations or block out annotations to an image or series of images to facilitate communication.

Edit Patient, Procedure, or Study Information
Search, modify or add patient, procedure or study data to correct errors and notify external systems of these updates.

Delete Image, Series, or Study
Remove clutter and erroneous data and notify external systems of these updates.

Verify Studies
Indicate QC completion.

Print & Export Studies
Easily interact with DICOM printers, export to external storage media or external DICOM entities and convert images to JPG files.

Merge Patients
Merge two different patient records into a single patient record.

Merge Studies
Merge two studies for the same patient into a single study.

Split Studies
Split one study into multiple separate studies.


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