Mach7 Diagnostic Studio: Drive Specialty Workflows

Mach7 Diagnostic Studio extends the Power of the Platform with a suite of solutions designed to drive specialty workflow. With the ability to load balance across critical resources, manage and monitor service level agreements, enable technologists to QC imaging studies across disparate visualization solutions and more, Mach7 Diagnostic Studio advances traditional PACS functionality with intelligent vendor neutral workflow and data management capabilities.

Mach7 Diagnostic Studio

Empower Clinicians and Achieve Optimal Patient Care Outcomes with Mach7 Diagnostic Studio

  • Optimize efficiency – Balance the workload using RVU values, physician preferences and clinical expertise and maximize productivity.
  • Enable best-of-breed environment – Integrate with your preferred visualization and reporting solutions that to launch based on context of the case/study.
  • Identify trends – View workflow trends of individuals, departments, or the enterprise in real time to identify needs and adjust.
  • Improve patient care – Prioritize exams, provide access to more clinical data and facilitate rapid turnaround time.
  • Provide a robust Modality Worklist – Manage workflow across disparate health systems.

Enable the flexibility to leverage the right clinical tools to deliver the best possible patient care.


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