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medical image import export iconHealthcare organizations constantly receive patient care information, imaging orders, and reports from remote locations, referring and networked hospitals, imaging centers, and non-local practice locations. Inbound, non-resident study volumes often exceed the number of on-site studies by more than 3:1.  Mach7 simplifies the management, access, and sharing of these studies so your team can focus on delivering superior patient care.

Procedure Import-Export simplifies the process of accessing, integrating, and sharing outside medical imaging studies.  Using an intuitive interface, Procedure Import-Export identifies and integrates “inbound” patient studies from CDs, DVDs, and storage drive locations.  Studies can also be electronically exported to partnering healthcare organizations or copied to CD/DVDs. This advanced solution has been further optimized to support media sources containing non-standard formats. CDs and DVDs containing JPEG image files, PDF results, and AVI video files may be as easily captured and imported in their native or DICOM-wrapped formats as simply as an IHE standards based and compliant CD/DVD.

After studies are acquired, Procedure Import-Export can update patient and exam metadata through standard DICOM Modality Worklist (DMWL) queries to your local information system. Based on the results of the query, users can quickly select the appropriate patient and exam data to be systematically updated on the study.

Procedure Import-Export provides an efficient, accurate, and centralized approach to accessing, reviewing, and sharing out-of-network (non-resident) imaging data.

  • Metadata SynchronizationUpdate and synchronize DICOM metadata based on local patient and exam information through DMWL queries or manual entry.
  • Non-DICOM SupportImport and export non-DICOM images and attached diagnostic reports to and from patient data records.
  • Image Selection ControlControl which studies, series, and images are imported into your local PACS or Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) solution.
  • Outside Imaging Lifecycle – Define aggressive lifecycle management rules for non-resident reference images while you cleanse and store diagnosed imaging data for the long-term.
  • Workflow Automation – Automate the creation of orders, the translation of metadata attributes (patient identifications, study descriptions, accession numbers), and the transformation of data into localized information system formats.

Procedure Import-Export

Simple user interface for importing non-resident studies

DICOM and non-DICOM support

Metadata synchronization

Automated import and export to partner hospitals and imaging centers

Image selection control

Outside Imaging Lifecycle Management

User definable triggers and alerts for incoming and outgoing imaging data

Let’s Manage That Mountain of Imported Studies Together
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