Medical Image Sharing Without Boundaries from Mach7 Technologies

Medical Image Sharing Diagram from Mach7Mach7 Image Sharing keeps providers connected and engaged with a comprehensive and transparent view of patient data where and when it is needed – across enterprises and regions, without limitations. Eliminate challenges with CDs and DVDs, no more lost images, and no more retakes. Drag, drop, and simply share.

Sharing Simplified

Medical imaging data, regardless of the media format (e.g. DICOM images, non-DICOM images, report documents), can be uploaded through a drag-and-drop interface and electronically shared with any healthcare organization via email and web URL links, all with secure self-servicing and HIPAA compliant authorization and authentication. Resolve your challenges of managing CDs containing JPEG images and PDF reports, simply.

Image Sharing Features

  • Upload – Through a zero footprint web browser solution, simply drag-and-drop imaging data. Let Mach7 manage the complexity of differing CD and DVD image formats including support for DICOM, JPEG, PNG, TIF, PDF, and more.
  • Access – Enable referring physicians, specialists, and patients to view imaging data alongside reports, medications, allergies, and clinical history.
  • Share – Reduce the dependency on CDs and DVDs with simplified sharing via emails, web URL links and capabilities for secure self-servicing authentication and authorization that is all HIPAA compliant.

Gain advanced control to localize imported data with Mach7 Image Sharing

  • Automate the process of connecting an imported study to a local patient and procedure through simple worklist queries.
  • Auto generate HL7 orders to PACS, RIS, and other systems based on imported studies.
  • Translate metadata to local dictionary values (i.e. translate a study description of CT_HEAD to CT_BRAIN) so that studies display on the correct worklist and with proper hanging protocols.
  • Transform non-standard and non-compliant imaging formats to those accepted by local applications (i.e. JPEG to DICOM, JPEG 2000 to DICOM Little Endian…).

Medical Image Sharing Between HospitalsMedical image sharing enables sharing and access across the enterprise and beyond, throughout the patient care continuum – all through the most technically advanced and intuitive interface on the market.

Mach7 Image Sharing provides the following benefits:

  • Increases patient safety and satisfaction – Patients are relieved of transporting and maintaining CDs, retakes are prevented and more options such as second opinions can be facilitated.
  • Strengthens your provider network – Real-time access to imaging data helps providers be more efficient and improve patient outcomes.
  • Delivers cost savings – Burning and transporting CDs and DVDs is a thing of the past and unnecessary repeat studies are prevented.
  • Improves outcomes – Better decisions come with a complete view of the patient.
  • Secure & HIPAA Compliant – Health information is protected through a controlled environment with secure auditing controls.

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