Access and Share Patient Data from Any Location

Mach7 Physician and Patient Portal ScreenshotsVisibility into a comprehensive patient care record, including images, is here with Mach7 Clinical Portal (formerly called Mach7 Physician & Patient Portal).  The Portal offers physicians access to cross-specialty patient data and images from any Internet-aware access point.  Physicians can visually browse entire groups of patient records using tiled and color-coded thumbnails, then select, group, and examine records using existing or custom workflows. Complete patient histories are available including labs, medications, allergies, cross-specialty images, reports and clinical notes, all synchronized and organized for rapid review and decision support.

Mach7 Clinical Portal keeps referring physicians, clinicians, and patients connected and engaged with an unobstructed view of patient data where and when it is needed.

Leveraging the Portal’s universal zero-footprint clinical image viewer, patients and physicians can access and share medical images and data over the web regardless of the media format (e.g. DICOM and non-DICOM images). Organizations also have the option to integrate their diagnostic viewer for physicians to view DICOM images.

In addition, an intuitive, highly visual portal allows easy access and sharing of patient data. Physicians and patients can quickly share care information with one another using a connected portal with interfaces tuned to each user’s specific needs.  From image viewing to email, referring physicians, diagnosing clinicians, administrators, and patients can now access and share a complete care record and stay engaged throughout the care continuum.

  • Intuitive Visual User Interface – Quickly access and share patient data.
  • Web-based Solution – Compact, low-maintenance solution that runs entirely within a web browser and requires no download or installation.
  • Secure Access – User-specific permissions ensure that only authorized users can view images and patient data. All access uses HTTPS secure protocols.
  • Thumbnail Viewing – Designed for use on mobile devices (e.g. touch screen support), access patient and procedure data through a tile-based user interface.
  • Simple Sharing and Communication Tools – Physicians and patients can easily share information using intuitive tools including email and secure time sensitive web URLs.

Clinical Portal

Simple user interface for viewing and sharing patient information

DICOM and non-DICOM support

Web-based solution accessible from any Internet-aware device

Automated communication between connected patients, physicians, and 3rd parties including secure email support

Image selection control

Thumbnail viewing

Intuitive color-coded tiled interface at multiple interface levels (enterprise, hospital, practice, and patient levels)

Displays complete care history including priors, labs, cross-specialty data, images, medications, and allergies

Share, import, export, and release patient data directly from the Portal navigation screen

Get Physicians and Patients Connected

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