Mach7 Clinical Studio: Access and Share Your Imaging Data

Mach7 Clinical Imaging StudioMach7 Clinical Studio puts authorized clinical staff, physicians, and patients in control of medical imaging data. Easily view, navigate, review, and share patient medical data over the web and across the enterprise. Intuitive user interfaces display common workflows that put information at your fingertips.

In the field, across town or down the hall, IT professionals, referring physicians, diagnosing clinicians, and patients can now access and share medical images, records, drug information, medical history, and patient healthcare intelligence across the full patient care continuum – all through the most technically advanced and intuitive interface available.

From our zero-footprint universal clinical viewer to a state-of-the-art Clinical Portal and iModality, Mach7 brings patient imaging and clinical data into focus.

Mach7 Clinical Studio accelerates care delivery, centralizes access, and lowers IT costs across the enterprise:

  • Facilitate cross-enterprise patient information access and sharing, improve diagnostic efficiency, and reduce IT expense associated with the integration and management of multiple, proprietary medical image archiving systems.
  • Universally share and access medical imaging data from a cross-platform zero-footprint solution designed for modern mobile devices.
  • Engage patients and create an environment that facilitates patient data sharing and multi-directional physician-patient communication across the care continuum.
  • Easily manage and synchronize outside patient procedure records with streamlined import and export of DICOM and non-DICOM media.
  • Capture patient imaging data from a mobile enterprise imaging app available on your Internet-aware smart device.

Mach7 Clinical Studio


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