Enterprise Imaging Powered by Mach7

Image-Empower your Healthcare Ecosystem

More than two hundred million medical imaging procedures are conducted in the U.S. annually in radiology and cardiology departments alone. This does not include the growing volume of image producing specialties across the enterprise from dermatology to wound care to the emergency department and beyond. Valuable, clinical multimedia is being acquired today from traditional modalities and emerging technologies including mobile devices, scope cameras, ultrasound, and other modalities at the point of care. This vast array of media includes DICOM and JPEG images, videos, sound clips and more, and brings huge value to clinicians and their patients. With Mach7 enterprise imaging solutions, this clinical media content is consistently captured, indexed, managed, stored, distributed, exchanged and analyzed to enhance the electronic medical record (EMR) and patient care delivery.

Your EMR for Clinical Media

Mach7 Technologies offers the most advanced software solutions to manage your enterprise imaging strategy and become your EMR for clinical media. Mach7 believes that our customers know their healthcare regional needs, services, and patients best. Mach7 has focused on providing a platform that supports our customers and partners in deploying their best-of-breed healthcare ecosystems. Through Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Platform, providers can plug-in any combination of Mach7 and third party clinical applications to deliver optimal patient care.

Mach7 brings clarity to your image management processes and puts you in control of data ownership, access, sharing, and communication. Mach7 enterprise image management solutions unlock disparate archive silos, consolidate patient data and simplify sharing and access across the connected enterprise.

  • Consolidate archiving and communication across the enterprise with a single integration point.
  • Build a comprehensive view of the patient electronic care record.
  • Image-enable the EMR.
  • Plug and play best-of-breed specialty visualization and reporting solutions.
  • Resolve proprietary formats enabling standards-based storage and interoperability.
  • Engage patients and referring physicians through an image enabled web-based portal.
  • Share and access patient data across clinical workflows.

Enable mobile image capture.