Mach7 is built for your Enterprise.

Let us show you how we can unite all your imaging data to empower your clinicians  to enable high quality patient care.

The Freedom to Experience True Enterprise Imaging

We provide healthcare professionals the tools they need to provide greater diagnostic confidence and enabling better medicine for patients. The Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Solution connects imaging data from across the healthcare enterprise, giving care providers access to the relevant information they need to improve health outcomes. In addition, we work with our customers as a trusted partner to deliver innovations that enhance the user experience, increase patient satisfaction, reduce costs and drive better patient health outcomes across the enterprise.

The Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Solution is:

  • A true universal visualization experience with the eUnity Diagnostic Viewer. View and access every study across your network in full fidelity image resolution with true zero footprint technology and industry-defining performance.
  • A true powerful data management platform and vendor neutral archive to tie all your imaging data together with complete control and flexibility. It’s your data. You should own and control it.
  • A true interoperability platform that brings your EMR, patient portals, healthcare IT systems, advanced applications, teleradiology workflows, analytics and AI together to empower patients and partners in care.
  • A unique independent model & design to give healthcare organizations the independence and flexibility to deploy solutions according to their needs, either through individual product components or via a unified, comprehensive end-to-end enterprise imaging platform.
  • A proven advanced system to leverage cloud technologies and drive cloud-enablement.
  • Easy to deploy and intuitive to use; designed to reduce administrative overhead and costs.
  • An advanced Digital Breast Imaging platform with mammography workflow capabilities designed to replace expensive hardware heavy mammography workstations.

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Our industry-leading Enterprise Imaging Solution

is comprised of three key components:

Enterprise Diagnostic Viewing

  • Top-tier KLAS-rated Universal Viewer (Based on Best in KLAS Software and Services Report)
  • 100% Full Resolution Images
  • Image Enable the EMR
  • Browser Agnostic – HTML5
  • Independence from front end clinical systems
  • Image enablement for downtime PACS solution
  • Leverages existing IT infrastructure
  • Reduces cost and complexity across enterprise
  • Facilitates Image Sharing and clinical collaboration
  • Research and AI Test platform
  • Supports Teleradiology and Telemammography workflows
  • Collaboration and consultation tools

Enterprise Data Management (VNA)

  • Take control of your data
  • Leverage existing IT infrastructure
  • Consolidate ALL images across Enterprise
  • Store in native format or wrap in DICOM
  • Enhanced data security
  • Develop customer workflow routing
  • Data normalization through tag morphing
  • Integration framework for 3rd party clinical systems
  • Built-in Data Anonymization tools
  • On premise or via Cloud Infrastructure
  • Real time data updates

Workflow Orchestration Applications

  • Universal Worklist
  • Supports 3rd party VR integration
  • DMWL
  • Zero Footprint, browser agnostic viewer
  • Breast Imaging reading and workflow
  • 3D, MIP, MPR
  • User Communication Module
  • QC Module
  • Open platform supporting 3rd party solutions
  • Reduces cost and complexity
Meet the challenges of modern healthcare through software that is
easy to deploy, intuitive to use, and proven to reduce costs.

Our focus on interoperability and cloud enablement promotes efficiency and unity across the entire enterprise. Mach7 provides you with the flexibility to deploy what you need – when you need it – to save you money and leverage existing IT investments.

Mach7 is ready for your enterprise imaging transformation