Healthcare PowerChat: Enterprise Imaging

With Mach7’s Greg Girard and Dell’s Mike Valante

Mach7 Discusses Enterprise Imaging with our

Industry Colleagues from Dell Technologies

We recently sat down with our industry colleagues at Dell to participate in an episode of Healthcare PowerChat. In the first episode of this two-part discussion on Enterprise Imaging, Greg Girard, Mach7’s Director of Technical Sales and Solutions Architecture, and Mike Valante, Global Healthcare Lead, UDS, for Dell Technologies, discuss the challenges in implementing and managing enterprise imaging across the healthcare organization. Greg explains how these challenges can be addressed and shares Mach7’s unique approach to Enterprise Imaging, which is focused on comprehensive clinical data access, performance and diagnostic workflow.

Below you will find Part 2 of this discussion, where Greg and Mike discuss how Mach7 integrates with the healthcare ecosystem, the partnership between Dell and Mach7, and a profile of Mach7 customers and some customer success stories. The discussion concludes with Mike and Greg giving advice for customers getting started with Mach7 and where to find more information.

Mach7 is ready for your enterprise imaging transformation