About Mach7 Technologies

We believe that the patient is the center of healthcare delivery and that building, sharing and accessing a complete picture of the patient is critical to achieving optimal care outcomes. Mach7’s leading edge enterprise imaging solutions accelerate diagnosis and care delivery, reduce costs, and significantly improve patient outcomes.

Mach7 thinks about enterprise image management differently. We unlock and connect patient data scattered among silos of legacy healthcare systems allowing healthcare organizations to own, access and share patient data without boundaries. Mach7’s award-winning enterprise imaging platform provides a vendor neutral foundation for archiving, communication and consolidation of unstructured data.  We power interoperability and enable healthcare enterprises to build their best-of-breed clinical ecosystems. With collaboration and partnership at the core of our customer relationships, Mach7’s solutions evolve to solve real-world workflow issues, simplify scalability challenges and ensure business continuity. Healthcare institutions around the world leverage Mach7 solutions for clinical productivity improvement, IT cost savings, health information exchange and regulatory compliance – all leading to improved patient care.

In 2016, Mach7 Technologies went public on the Australian stock exchange – ASX.

Mach7’s History