About Mach7 Technologies

At Mach7, our purpose is simple: to deliver to healthcare professionals the tools they need to help their patients achieve better health outcomes. Every day, medical practitioners face the challenge of bringing together an immense amount of patient data from multiple disparate sources while also finding a way to make sense of it. They must contend with issues like non-consolidated image storage, labor-intensive and inefficient workflows, and multiple viewers for different specialties and image types. With these obstacles in mind, Mach7 has built innovative solutions from the ground up that can integrate multiple systems, enable clinical collaboration, deliver vendor neutral archiving, provide enterprise-wide universal viewing, modernize legacy PACS, and more. Mach7 is focused on removing the technology limitations that inhibit the free flow of patient information and access to the complete patient medical record.

We differ from many other companies in the industry by building an integrated imaging ecosystem where all technologies work together in harmony. Because we are built as an integration platform first, we give you the freedom to use the technologies that are important to your physicians and patients, even if they are from another vendor. This also means we offer the independence and flexibility to deploy these as individual components or a comprehensive end-to-end enterprise imaging platform. Through this, we help organizations increase their efficiency, achieve profound operational cost savings, leverage their existing IT investments, improve the experience for patients and medical professionals, and, ultimately, support healthier outcomes.

Mach7’s History