Mach7 PACS 

One contract. One service level agreement. One solution.

Everything you have imagined a PACS solution should be: powerful, flexible and connected, is available with one partnership and one contract. Mach7 Technologies and Client Outlook bring you a modern take on a classic technology.

Mach7 has partnered with Client Outlook to reconstruct PACS. Through a seamless partnership, you can take advantage of a reconstructed architecture that delivers capabilities beyond traditional PACS boundaries.

Realize the ultimate in capability and flexibility to meet your clinical needs today, while establishing a vendor neutral infrastructure that simplifies the expansion of clinical capabilities across the enterprise tomorrow.

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Mach7 PACS: Reimagine

Together, Mach7 and Client Outlook reimagine PACS to solve your current challenges by connecting distributed patient records, enabling the adoption of future technologies, and excelling at patient care delivery.

Mach7 PACS: Redefine

Redefine the capabilities of traditional PACS. Enable clinical access to relevant patient data outside of traditional PACS archives and communicate imaging data (pictures) beyond traditional departmental boundaries. Enable specialists to work smart with an enterprise platform that powers the PACS and one viewer for all users.

Mach7 PACS: Reconstruct

Future-proof your PACS with a solution that delivers on your clinical needs of today while enabling you to plug-in and construct your capabilities of tomorrow. Reconstruct PACS with Mach7 and Client Outlook.

Reimagine your definition of PACS, construct your clinical ecosystem with Mach7. Mach7 can deliver all components of your PACS solution or partner with most other third-party vendors. With Mach7 PACS, build your enterprise, your way.

Download the Mach7 PACS brochure to learn more.

Looking for a Business Continuity Solution (BCS) for PACS? 

Happy with your PACS but need a simple business continuity solution (BCS)? Mach7 BCS for PACS is like an insurance policy for your PACS. In the event your main PACS is not accessible, Mach7 BCS for PACS offers a seamless transition to an easy-to-use yet powerful solution for radiologists to access and read images anywhere – ensuring the best care for your patients and peace of mind for you.

What value do you put on peace of mind?

Peace of mind is priceless and Mach7 BCS is surprisingly affordable. Download the Mach7 BCS for PACS brochure to learn more.