Mach7 PACS: Single PowerMach7 PACS

Everything you’re looking for in a PACS solution comes together from one vendor. Introducing Mach7 PACS.

Mach7 Technologies delivers a data services platform with an ecosystem of clinical applications, now inclusive of PACS. Mach7 PACS delivers the benefits of a single vendor relationship without the limitation of a single vendor solution, bringing value from the most capable vendor neutral framework.

The power of ONE relationship:

– Single contract
– Single point of support

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Mach7 PACS: Power Couple

Mach7 has partnered with Client Outlook to bring smart image access to your enterprise. Mach7’s data management and workflow solutions coupled with Client Outlook viewing technologies form a perfect union to handle all your departmental PACS needs, as well as support your enterprise imaging strategy.

Mach7 data services and Client Outlook’s eUnity SMARTViewer platform are helping healthcare organizations of all sizes unlock their growth strategies. Bringing together industry recognized technologies that support end-to-end imaging workflow provides a strategic advantage that fuels positive healthcare outcomes. Realize the ultimate in flexibility to meeting your clinical needs today, while establishing the infrastructure to expand your capabilities tomorrow.

The power of PARTNERSHIP:

More options
More flexibility
More value

Better together – Mach7 and Client Outlook

Rethink your definition of PACS, construct your clinical ecosystem with Mach7.

Mach7 PACS Components

Mach7 can deliver all components of your PACS solution, or partner with most other third party vendors.

With Mach7 PACS, build your enterprise, your way.