department use cases

Read how Mach7 helps clinical departments to manage, share, and communicate patient imaging data.

1) Solve PACS and Modality Limitations
Healthcare facilities that leverage PACS to archive specialty department imaging data often experience technical limitations that hamper workflow and image transmission.  The highly specialized nature of PACS often lead to proprietary formats and uses that limit the ability to distribute data effectively for access and sharing requirements.

To solve these IT challenges and deliver patient imaging data more efficiently between technologists, clinicians, and disparate visualization solutions, Mach7 offers a comprehensive Communication Workflow Engine.  This technically advanced communication engine with clinically-specific workflows ensures images are delivered to optimal viewers based on clinical context, data formats, and level of diagnostic reading required.

Mach7’s Communication Workflow Engine brings intelligence to image distribution which optimizes diagnostic visualization.  Leverage the engine to localize imaging data for best-of-breed visualization solutions through advanced translation, transformation, and communication capabilities.

Control Your Workflows with an Intuitive Admin Console

Enabling the most advanced functionality on the market, our Communication Workflow Engine includes an administrative console with an intuitive user interface so you can monitor, track, and audit data from day one with ease.  Rules are graphically managed though representative workflow diagrams. Challenges that have historically taken weeks and years to address through vendor-dependent scripting and development customizations may now be resolved in a matter of seconds through mouse clicks.

2) Enhance Specialty Workflows
Mach7 is rethinking imaging workflows with an eye on data capture, storage, and communication that facilitates rapid diagnostic and decision support. In the past, workflows were dictated by vendor solutions and manual processes were developed to fill technology gaps between sequestered systems. Mach7’s Communication Workflow Engine builds a unified flow of information that limits the requirement for manual intervention.  Technology gaps can be filled with automated solutions leveraging translation, transformation, and communication techniques designed to localize imaging data based on disparate system requirements.

Mach7’s communication techniques further optimize local server, workstation, and network utilization while enhancing diagnosing and referring physician efficiencies.  With advanced image-level processing capabilities, workflow intelligence that optimizes visualization access may enhance existing solution investments.  Advanced multidimensional visualization solutions can be selected to receive only CT and MR thin slices for select sub-specialty cases.  Thick slices can be made available only to two-dimensional visualization solutions and your referring physician community.  In these scenarios:

  • network utilization is reduced and optimized with specific image routing,
  • server and workstation storage requirements are reduced,
  • referring physician reference images are reduced, simplifying the complexity of understanding diagnosis and treatment plans,
  • diagnosing physicians have immediate access to images on their visualization solution of choice, reducing their need for time-intensive query and retrieve techniques, and
  • long-term storage requirements are compressed through Image Lifecycle Management (ILM) rules designed to store only thick slices after a select number of years.
3) Enable TeleServices
Remote image review and diagnostic support is one of the fastest growing healthcare segments.  From real-time, remote surgical consulting aided by live transmissions from the operating room to teleimaging solutions that help first-responders quickly triage patients in the field, telemedicine is poised to move patient imaging capture and evaluation into the active line of fire.

Mach7 supports a full range of care scenarios from informal consultative interactions to remote image review and diagnosis at the point of care.

Mach7’s Physician & Patient Portal enables ad hoc access and sharing between departments and facilities in the absence of dedicated network and system integrations.  Users are provided the ability to localize inbound and outbound data and control acquisition rules.  Often, reference imaging data rather than diagnostic imaging data is being imported, which may require a different set of acquisition and ILM rules.  Simplify this process through a zero-footprint web-based solution.

Mach7’s Communication Workflow Engine provides advanced teleservice capabilities when a dedicated network infrastructure has been put in place between disparate systems and organizations.  Leveraging the Communication Workflow Engine, translation and transformation capabilities may automate patient identification reconciliation, ensure order number uniqueness, localize outside exam descriptions, and automate the creation of orders in local information systems (i.e. RIS, CVIS, PACS).

4) Manage Outside Imaging Imports and Exports (CD/DVD)
Healthcare organizations constantly receive patient care information, imaging orders, and reports from remote locations, referring and networked hospitals, imaging centers, and non-local practice locations. Inbound, non-resident study volumes often exceed the number of on-site studies by more than 3:1. Mach7’s enterprise imaging solutions simplify the management, access, and sharing of these studies so your team can focus on delivering superior patient care.

Procedure Import-Export simplifies the process of accessing, integrating, and sharing outside medical imaging studies.  Using an intuitive interface, Procedure Import/Export identifies and integrates “inbound” patient studies from CDs, DVDs, and storage drive locations.  Studies can also be electronically exported to partnering healthcare organizations or copied to CD/DVDs.  This advanced solution has been further optimized to support media sources containing non-standard formats.  CDs and DVDs containing JPEG image files, PDF formatted results, and AVI video files may be captured and imported in their native or DICOM-wrapped formats as easily as an IHE standards based and compliant CD/DVD.

Beyond the capabilities of the Procedure Import-Export utility, Mach7’s Physician & Patient Portal provides capabilities to move beyond the exchange of patient imaging data through removable media.  Leverage the Portal to electronically share imaging data via a secure, zero-footprint solution accessible through any modern browser or device.