Mobile Medical Image Capture Using Smart Device Technology

EHR Image Enablement, iModality App Screen ShotsMach7 iModality with patented technology brings the power and sophistication of Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Platform to your mobile device. Enable clinicians to capture medical imaging data using a web-enabled smart device (e.g., iPhone, iPad) and directly connect that data to a patient’s Electronic Health Record (EHR). Capture visual light photos, videos, and notes of moles, specimens, ulcers, abuse cases, and emergency medical images with the click of a button on your smartphone or tablet.

Through a simple workflow, iModality helps clinicians quickly capture and integrate images, videos, or notes with related patient records.  Captured medical imaging data can be sent directly to an archive or workstation through Mach7 Communication Workflow Engine and linked to the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for immediate digital reference.

iModality puts the power of mobile healthcare in the hands of front-line clinical care personnel and moves image management closer to the point of care delivery.  Reduce time to diagnosis, speed care delivery, and rapidly associate image data with patient care records.

  • Simple Image Capture – Capturing images, videos, and notes and associating to a patient’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is a click away on your mobile device.
  • Powerful Imaging Solution at Your Fingertips – Capture, preview, and edit images, videos, notes, and procedure information directly on your smart device.
  • Secured Data Integrity – Ensure data integrity by presenting patient and procedure information based on orders, encounters, visits, modality worklist queries, and more.
  • Share and Access Mobile Image Data Across the Connected Enterprise – Images, videos, and notes can be processed in their native format and/or converted to DICOM. Once captured and processed, archive mobile data in Mach7 Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA), send to a third party DICOM archive, VNA, or XDS repository, and image-enable the EMR through a web-based URL.
  • Compliant and Secure Solution – Patient information is protected through encrypted communications over HTTPS protocols, role-based security, and a cacheless store that are HIPAA compliant.

Mach7 iModality

Simple image capture from an Internet-connected smart device

Save images, video and notes in native and DICOM formats

Secure and HIPAA compliant solution

Image upload directly into your VNA and patient record

Patient and procedure aware with visit association workflow

Point-of-care solution

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