We Want to Meet With You for RSNA 2020!

Mach7 is looking forward to meeting with you for RSNA 2020. Be sure to submit the form at the bottom of the page to schedule a meeting today!

It’s that time of year again – RSNA 2020 is nearly here! Even though COVID-19 has necessitated the change from an in-person to an all-virtual event, Mach7 is still committed to providing a rewarding and engaging experience.

While Mach7 will have a presence at RSNA 2020, we will be putting greater focus on creating a more personalized and valuable experience for our customers. To this end, we are scheduling meetings through the week of RSNA to the end of the year. We want to have an interactive discussion about your challenges and how Mach7 can help deliver differentiated value as your trusted Enterprise Imaging partner.

To request a meeting, please fill out and submit the form at the bottom of the page. One of our experts will reach out to you promptly to schedule the date and time that works best for you.

Our strength comes from the relationships we have built and continue to build with our customers. To promote forging new relationships and building on our existing relationships, we are eager to discuss both your needs and the goals we are working towards as the new Mach7.

Speaking of the new Mach7, if you haven’t heard the news about our recent acquisition of the eUnity SMARTviewer, you should check out our press release and our information page. We have some exciting projects in the works that we cannot wait to share with you!

Allow us to share some highlights of our new combined solution offering:

An image of Mach7's enterprise viewing solution.

Enterprise Viewing

We have built the world’s best zero-footprint enterprise viewing solution. It provides diagnostic quality and high performance 100% of the time, even for clinical viewing. It can be accessed on any PC with an HTML5-enabled web browser – anytime, anywhere there’s an internet connection, ending the need for dedicated workstations. And it’s been designed to integrate with any PACS, VNA, or other image archive and can launch from any EMR. All of this means you can have one single viewer for all of your users, drastically reducing cost and complexity while increasing access.

An image of Mach7's Enterprise Data Management solution.

Enterprise Data Management

Enabling enterprise imaging is the next step beyond the viewer. With industry leading vendor neutral archiving and image data management capabilities, customers partner with Mach7 to consolidate all images and imaging data in a single location. This reduces system complexity, makes the data more accessible, and unifies the entire patient record. Plus, we give you full control over your data by exposing the DICOM attributes and giving you the ability to modify them, so data that was once proprietary in a traditional PACS now truly becomes “your” data. With Mach7, all it takes is one investment to level the playing field for all your users.

An image of Mach7's Enterprise PACS solution.

Enterprise PACS

Finally, we can take all of the advantages of the enterprise viewer and enterprise imaging solutions and add in a powerful, feature-rich worklist and quality control tools to replace your traditional PACS. You gain all of the benefits of a modern, integrated enterprise platform and add powerful tools like user-created worklists, intelligent workload balancing, color-coded relevant prior studies and more that save time, reduce frustration, and, ultimately, improve patient care.

In addition, we enable a powerful teleradiology solution that can be accessed anywhere to promote telehealth services and remote reading of studies regardless of geographic location.

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