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Mach7 Enterprise Solutions:
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  • Assisted Diagnosis Connectors
  • Operational Analytics

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In a class by itself, the innovative, scalable Mach7 vendor neutral platform provides the foundation to build your clinical IT ecosystem, enabling you to plug and play clinical applications across the enterprise. With Mach7, you can consolidate, manage and exchange clinical data for consumption across medical “ologies” and the patient.

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Mach7 Enterprise Solutions enable you to:

  • Consolidate and aggregate clinical data across radiology, cardiology, pathology, oncology and more
  • Complete the patient record and enable your EMR to access clinical data living outside of your EMR
  • Organize and present clinical data in a meaningful way
  • Bridge the gap between clinical IT and core infrastructure

Contact us to learn how Goshen Health is using Mach7 Enterprise Solutions to image-enable their EMR and aggregate data in the Cloud.

Want to learn more? Read our Enterprise Solutions Fact Sheet.

With Mach7 Diagnostic Solutions, you can:

  • Improve radiologists’ productivity with accurate identification of relevant priors
  • Distribute workload intelligently across radiologists with smart worklists
  • Improve user experience with hanging protocols that consistently work

Contact us and find out how Maine Health is using Mach7 Diagnostic Solutions to modernize its PACS.

Want to learn more? Read our Diagnostic Solutions Fact Sheet.

Mach7 Connected Health Solutions deliver interoperability and enable you to:

  • Connect the clinical care teams across the community
  • Access and communicate clinical data across EMRs
  • Provide referring physicians with access to clinical results
  • Interface IHE-compliant open standards communications across systems

Check us out and understand how University of Pennsylvania Health System is using Mach7 Connected Health Solutions to link health records across the enterprise.

Want to learn more? Read our Connected Health Solutions Fact Sheet.

Mach7 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions connect you to the best-in-class AI systems, empowering you to:

  • Measure and monitor departmental efficiencies
  • Predict workload and staffing
  • Connect to AI algorithms that assist in diagnosis

Let’s talk about how Wake Radiology is using Mach7 AI Solutions to improve healthcare by increasing efficiency and efficacy of providers.

Want to learn more? Read our Artificial Intelligence (AI) Fact Sheet.

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