Mach7 @ Virtual
RSNA 2020


Imaging independence through innovation

No matter where you are on your enterprise imaging journey, Mach7 can help you quickly implement meaningful changes that bring immediate value.

Replace your outdated PACS without disruption
Bridge your legacy systems to the future
Scale up teleradiology workflows
Deliver a sought-after clinical viewer

Our breakthrough platform lets organizations set their own course to enterprise imaging. It fills the connectivity gaps created by siloed departmental imaging solutions so clinicians everywhere have a complete view of the patient. It integrates to anything, anywhere, anyhow so health systems are free to choose the technologies – new or old – that are important to their physicians and patients. Through an unyielding focus on integration, workflow, and the elimination of complexity, we give organizations the ability to do more, and do better, with less.

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Enterprise Imaging Solution

Mach7 provides a vendor neutral platform that uniquely meets the full spectrum of multi-disciplinary imaging needs across a healthcare organization. Whether deployed end-to-end or as individual components, our image storage, patient data management, workflow orchestration, and viewing solutions enable limitless workflows.

Enterprise Diagnostic Viewing

We have built the world’s best zero-footprint enterprise viewing solution. It provides diagnostic quality and high performance 100% of the time, even for clinical viewing. It can be accessed on any PC with an HTML5-enabled web browser – anytime, anywhere there’s an internet connection, ending the need for dedicated workstations. And it’s been designed to integrate with any PACS, VNA, or other image archive and can launch from any EMR. All of this means you can have one single viewer for all of your users, drastically reducing cost and complexity while increasing access.

Enterprise Data Management

Enabling enterprise imaging is the next step beyond the viewer. With industry leading vendor neutral archiving and image data management capabilities, customers partner with Mach7 to consolidate all images and imaging data in a single location. This reduces system complexity, makes the data more accessible, and unifies the entire patient record. Plus, we give you full control over your data by exposing the DICOM attributes and giving you the ability to modify them, so data that was once proprietary in a traditional PACS now truly becomes “your” data. With Mach7, all it takes is one investment to level the playing field for all your users.

Enterprise PACS

Finally, we can take all of the advantages of the enterprise viewer and enterprise imaging solutions and add in a powerful, feature-rich worklist and quality control tools to replace your traditional PACS. You gain all of the benefits of a modern, integrated enterprise platform and add powerful tools like user-created worklists, intelligent workload balancing, color-coded relevant prior studies and more that save time, reduce frustration, and, ultimately, improve patient care.
In addition, we enable a powerful teleradiology solution that can be accessed anywhere to promote telehealth services and remote reading of studies regardless of geographic location.