Data Ownership
Imaging Archive Workflow Access

Data ownership is the foundation for Radiology to thrive with enterprise imaging. Considerations for data archive, workflow and access.
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Radiologist Burnout
Radiologist Burnout Infographic
According to the ACR Commission on Human Resources, 49% of radiologists report that they are burned out. How can it be avoided?
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Meet the New Mach7
Meet the New Mach7 Infographic
Get to know the “new” Mach7 Technologies following our merger with 3D Medical completed in April 2016!
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7 Capabilities of an EIP
7 Capabilities of an EIP infographic
What’s inside your Enterprise Imaging Platform? Learn about the seven critical capabilities of an EIP and how they work.
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Rethink Your PACS
Rethink Your PACS Infographic
Leverage an Enterprise Imaging Platform and plug in your clinical applications of choice to construct a clinical ecosystem.
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Discs Have Lost Their Shine
Medical Image Sharing Infographic
Modern enterprise imaging solutions help healthcare providers and patients avoid the limitations of CDs and DVDs.
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Image Lifecycle Management
Image Lifecycle Management Infographic
As the use and storage costs of healthcare imaging increase, hospital enterprises are turning to ILM solutions.
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Breast Cancer Statistics
Breast Cancer Statistics Inforgraphic
Learn more about the second most common form of cancer in women and the range of tests that can help with early detection.
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HIE Growth in U.S.
Top 5 States for HIE Growth Infographic
These five states led the nation in electronic healthcare information exchange growth from 2010-2014. Compare to the U.S. average.
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2015 State of VNA
2015 State of VNA Infographics
A 2015 AHRA survey finds some medical imaging leaders are unclear about VNA costs, capabilities, and benefits.
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Healthcare Spending by Activity
Healthcare Spending by Activity Infographic
Projected healthcare spending by type of activity in 2025 predicts a shift toward monitoring, diagnosis, and prevention.
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Leading HIE States
Leading HIE States Infographic
Which states led the nation in electronic healthcare information exchange in 2014? Our infographic shows the top 5.
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Global Healthcare Outlook
Global Healthcare Outlook Infographic
Which regions are leading the way in increased healthcare spending? Learn more about the growing worldwide healthcare costs.
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Benefits of Interoperability
Benefits of Interoperability Infographic
Both physicians and patients can benefit from interoperability, as electronic HIE increases efficiency and improves quality of care.
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Annual Diagnostic Imaging Tests
Annual Diagnostic Imaging Tests Infographic
The growing number of diagnostic images requires advanced enterprise imaging platforms to solve archiving and communication challenges.
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The Road to Neutrality
The Road to Neutrality (VNA) Infographic
Enterprise image management has come a long way since the first generation image archiving tools of the 1980s.
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Big Data Growth in Healthcare
Big Data in Healthcare Infographic
These big data trends are driving the need for consolidated storage and simplified access offered by a VNA Platform.
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VNA Market Predictions
vendor neutral archive vna market predictions infographic
The vendor neutral archive (VNA) market is expected to experience tremendous growth over the next few years.
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Medical Imaging Market
Medical Imaging Market by the Numbers infographic
With the VNA market set for explosive growth, now is the time to consider our enterprise imaging solutions.
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